5 Things That Can De-Value Your Home

A for sale sign in front of a building that may de-value your home.

The fast-approaching Brexit deadline is taking its toll on the UK property market, with a recent RICS survey concluding that buyer confidence falling. As such, it’s little surprise that asking prices across the country are continuing to be reduced, with over a third of home owners lowering listing prices by an average of £26,000.

For sellers, this means preparing your home and making sure you secure the best possible value is incredibly important. While you may be concerned with updating the kitchen or bathroom, here are five things to avoid when selling your property.

Forgetting the Exterior

When it comes to viewing any property, first impression is essential. This means neglecting your home’s exterior could be off putting for buyers, preventing them from walking through the front door.

Make sure you include any exterior jobs when getting ready to list your home. This includes having a tidy up, updating any peeling paintwork, and making sure windows are clean and well presented.

Bright and Unusual Décor

Your home is where you can express your personality and individual tastes. However, while you may love your bright yellow walls or zebra-striped wallpaper, buyers may not.

Although it can be time consuming, it is worthwhile updating your décor. While this does not mean you need to spend vast sums to update every room, or paint everything magnolia, choosing neutral shades like nude or taupe or could help to sell your home.

Not Clearing the Clutter

Having lots of clutter can detract from the overall space, which could make your home appear smaller and leave viewers feeling concerned about storage. This can be detrimental to buyers, who may struggle to envisage how they would live in the property.

A Very Natural And Cozy Renovation

To solve this, tidy up, clear items away and reduce the number of personal possessions on show. Remember, if a house hunter cannot see the whole space, they are unlikely to buy it.

Low Energy Efficiency Ratings

In April 2018, the Government introduced a new law, stating that all properties available to let must have a minimum E energy rating. As such, overlooking your home’s Energy Performance Certificate could put off potential investors.

Additionally, home owners are becoming increasingly concerned about greener living, as well as the cost of utility bills. As such, consider how you can improve your home’s energy rating before listing.

Dark and Cramped Feeling Rooms

Lastly, rooms that are badly lit and lack natural light can be off-putting for a buyer, as they can make your home feel dark and cramped. This is where making your home feel light, bright and airy is essential when selling your property.

To boost natural light, cut back any trees or bushes that may be limiting light, move bulky furniture away from windows and invest new curtains or blinds, like these stylish wooden ones from Direct Blinds.

Hopefully these five tips help you to secure the best value and sale price for your property.

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