6 Simple Additions to Make Your Kitchen More Versatile

A versatile collage of kitchen utensils.

The kitchen is one of the most important places in the house and the most visited as such. With the new technologies and innovations in the market today, you can make working in the kitchen a lot easier and fun using some simple gadgets

  1. Device table mount

If you love trying different recipes, you definitely watch lots of cooking videos as well as download recipes from the internet. The challenge comes when you need to follow the instructions from your device. The countertop is not device friendly, and you may end up spilling water on your gadget. Fortunately, you can have a device mount just below the wall cabinets.

A versatile wall mounted tablet holder for a kitchen with an iPad attached to it.
Device kitchen table mount

The mount holds your smartphone or the tablet in place to enable you to look at the device as you get your hands busy preparing your meals. You can also call your friends on Skype, stream or watch your favorite tv program right from the device. 

  1. A digital kitchen scale

For well-prepared food, you have to follow the measurements as stated in your recipe. Most of the people use spoons, cups, and bottles to measure liquids, floor, and other ingredients. These containers are less accurate, and you are left with a lot of mess to clean up after measuring.

A versatile kitchen scale.
KSP Nutritional Glass Digital Kitchen Scale (Black)

Luckily, you can cut out the mess by purchasing a digital scale. The gadget allows you to measure your ingredients right in the bowl where it is being mixed. All you have to do is place the bowl on the scale then resets to zero. Add the first ingredient until the stated measure and zero it again. Repeat the procedure for all your ingredients and then mixed them up. It is quite fast and not messy at all. 

  1. Multi-function small appliances
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Instead of sticking with your stovetop and microwave oven, add some small appliances to the kitchen that come with built-in versatility. Consider a blender and food processor combo – with one of these you can make everything from smoothies to hummus.

A versatile kitchen appliance, the black air fryer, sits on the counter.
Philips Airfryer with TurboStar Avance

Even something as simple as a citrus juicer has more to offer than just your fresh morning orange juice – use it to get juice for everything from your key lime pie recipe to your chicken marinade to New Year’s Eve cocktails. Other good options to consider include an Instant Pot, an air fryer, and an electric grill.

  1. Cookware Rack

The cookware is among the items that take much of the space in your kitchen. Therefore, arranging them in order is one way to create more space. Install a hook system to hang items that have a slot in the handle such as pans and pots. Also, you can fix a wire mesh by the wall from which to hook the hangers that would hang the cookware.

A versatile kitchen cabinet with pots and pans in it.
Sliding Pot Rack Cabinet

Alternatively, you can install wall drawers to store small pots and other items that do not have a slot on the handle or the handle itself. Ensure the hangers are secured to the ceiling or wall studs that are strong enough to handle heavy items.

  1. Knife block and jar opener

Keeping your knives in the metal rack with the rest of your utensils is not a smart move. There is a likelihood you injure yourself when picking one of the utensils or have to remove all when looking for a knife. An undercabinet knife block can do the trick. You slot in your knives and remove them with ease. They are also less likely to hurt anyone by accidental touch. Pick a slim profile knife block which does not take lots of space under your cabinet.

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A versatile set of knives on a wooden block.
Knife block

You can purchase your knife block along with a jar opener. The opener comes in handy when you need to open your jars and bottles. It is also a perfect gift for people who have arthritis or other problem that makes them unable to open bottles. It has an easy cap opening mechanism and does not damage the caps.

  1. Stemware Rack

Stemware racks are common in bars but look awesome in the kitchen too. If you are tight on the kitchen space, consider this as a genius way to store your stemware. It saves on space and ensures that your stemware is safe. Mount the rack inside one of your cabinets so that the stemware hangs from the roof of the cabinet. You can also place it under the cabinet if it is high enough to avoid accidental hitting of the glasses. However, do not use this option if the kitchen does not have adequate ventilation as the stemware will attract dust and grease.

A versatile kitchen cabinet.
Wooden Hanging Stemware Rack

Make your cooking experience and arranging your items in the kitchen a lot easier by purchasing some of these versatile kitchen gadgets. They are easy to use and helps you solve some of your daily kitchen problems.

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