7 Easy Ways You Can Save Money While Designing Your Home

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Home design can be stressful. Whether you’re building a house from the ground up, redoing an existing design, or giving a much-needed makeover to an interior, it’s bound to be a lot of work. The good news is a lot of work doesn’t have to mean expensive work. If you’ve got a budget that you’re looking to stretch, these seven tips are just for you.

1. Decide On A Budget Before You Begin

Okay, this one probably sounds silly. Of course, you know what the budget is, but hear me out. Set a specific number and physically write it down. Tell yourself that when you hit that number, that’s it. No changing your mind and deciding that the extra-wide staircase is worth it. Keep track of all your purchases, and stay aware of how close you are to your end number. It’s easy to accidentally go over or to make allowances when it isn’t all laid out in front of you.

2. Keep It Simple

Ask yourself if you need it, or if you want it. If the answer is that you want it, decide what you’re willing to give up for it. Are the elaborate fixtures you picked out worth the trade-off of the time and money it’ll take to put them in? Will you still like them in a year? The simpler your design plan, the cheaper and quicker you can get it done. 

3. Save Money On The Bills

Look into your local solar farm. They don’t cost a lot of money to run so they’re able to pass the savings directly on to the customer. Signing up is easier than ever, and it can save you a ton of money on your electric bill. In some cases, it might even eliminate it. Go to https://www.choosesolar.com to find out how you can save money on your electric bill.

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4. Use What You Already Have

It might be tempting to buy all new furniture and decor when moving into a new place but don’t fall into the trap. Consider the pieces you already have. Ask to raid the storage units of family and friends. Anything you can reuse saves you money that can go to more important places. If you end up with leftover funds you can always get the new sofa later.

5. Buy Pre-Loved Pieces

If using what you have absolutely won’t do, check out your local listings for used furniture. Chances are, someone has the same sense of style as you, and they’re selling it for half the price of brand new. If you do decide to order from a store, look for free shipping and ask what precautions the movers will be taking. 

Some companies use movers who don’t know how to properly protect furniture, and you end up having to return a broken piece. Even if they agree to replace the piece for free, you’d still lose the shipping fee if you don’t make sure it’s free to begin with.

6. Pick Simple Accessories

When you pick out your pillows, rugs, curtains, and other little touches, go simple. Get something that can easily go with lots of other pieces. If you can move it around your house without it looking out of place, you’ll be able to shuffle things around to create a new look. This will keep things from getting too boring, and help prevent you from buying new pieces before it’s time. 

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7. Don’t Buy On Credit

Don’t cheat your budget plan by taking the buy now pay later approach. You’re more likely to purchase unneeded and unnecessary items when you buy on credit, and then you overpay for them for months as the interest adds up. Putting the cost off until later isn’t keeping you on budget, it’s just pushing back the date that you’ll go over it.

Your home is your castle, but it doesn’t have to cost a castle’s price. These seven ways to save money can help you make that budget, stick to your plan, and make sure you don’t pay for it later.

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