7 Popular Items that Can Perfect Your Cottage Living 

A modern outdoor living area with a fire pit, perfect for Cottage Living.

Cottage living is unique and allows you to enjoy all the comfort and beauty of wide-open country spaces. If you’ve got a stylish cottage house, there are a few items, amenities, and pass-time objects that will keep you living as deliciously as possible. If you’re looking to spruce up your cottage and make the most out of summer 2022, here are seven popular items and activities that can perfect your cottage living this year: 

1. The Perfect Grill

When you’re living out away from local cities and big towns, knowing you can cook just about whatever you’re craving is key. With a grill that has multiple cooking functions, and which can run on fuel or energy that’s easy to access out where your cottage is located, you can make every single night delectable. Just make sure you avoid investing in grills that cannot withstand outside weather, as you’ll most likely want to store your grill outside. 

2. A Comfortable Hammock

When there’s a perfect breeze, just enough sunshine, and a sleep vibe in the air, nothing will make you feel as cozy as a comfortable hammock. Find the perfect place to hang your hammock up, and you’ll enjoy the indescribable joy of a daytime nap out in a wide-open space. If it’s warm enough outside, you may even enjoy evening naps or overnight camping in your hammock as well. Just make you hang it up somewhere that’s certain to stay secure! 

3. DIY Storage Spaces

DIY storage spaces have become incredibly trendy in 2022, and over the last five years. Whether you’re repurposing old wood, or furniture, or creating a DIY storage space out of something more unique, you can make your cottage feel truly down-to-Earth with this stylish addition. Just make sure you only store objects in your DIY storage spaces that will not become musty or damaged. If you’re still working on building your cottage with a quality custom cottage builder, consider how you can build some DIY storage spaces into your brand new cottage home. 

4. A Full-Sized Cooler or Freezer

Alongside the perfect grill, knowing that you have plenty of space to store all of the food you’ll need for prolonged cottage trips is critical. Especially if you love to hunt, having a freezer where you can safely and efficiently store the meat you’ve gathered will prove invaluable. With the right full-sized cooler or freezer, you’ll never have to worry about making constant, costly grocery trips to keep your food stocks comfortable. Especially with the price of gas these days, the investment will quickly pay for itself. The addition of a full-sized cooler or freezer is perfect for sprucing up your kitchen as well. 

5. Plenty of Firewood 

Many cottages never feel quite complete without a beautiful, well-crafted fireplace. Even if you’re just using outside spaces to start a nice campfire now and then, knowing that you’re stored up on firewood is always a solid idea. There are plenty of places where you can buy firewood in bulk for cheap, but if you want to truly lead a cottage life, consider cutting some of your own. Nothing feels quite as satisfying as roasting near an open fire that you brought to life with your own two hands and ingenuity. 

6. A Luxurious Hot Tub

While it’s certain to be out of some peoples’ budgets, a luxurious hot tub is a comfort that’s sure to pay for itself time and time again. If you’re living out by a lake in your cottage, the hot tub can provide a great way to unwind after a long day of swimming and lakeside activities. Beyond being comfy, the warm waters and jets in a hot tub can do wonders for keeping your muscles and mind young. 

7. Non-Digital Entertainment

Chances are that you’re unlikely to have very strong internet in a country cottage home (or perhaps no internet at all). To ensure you’re always able to keep yourself and your guests entertained, having non-digital entertainment at hand is highly recommended. From board games to outside activities, there are plenty of amazing ways you can stay active and entertained while out in the country. Only with this item handled can you truly live out your cottage core lifestyle dreams. 

Cottage Living is Dream Living

With these seven items and activities under your belt, you’ll never hesitate to enjoy the full range of your cottage’s allure again. Your cottage will feel more complete than ever, and you’ll never have a dull moment out in the beauty of nature with these seven items. Even if you do not have your own cottage just yet, you can plan on making your eventual cottage complete with these amazing ideas, objects, and activities.

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