Activities to Keep People Entertained at Your Wedding Whilst the Bridal Party Has Their Photoshoot

A man in a suit is playing a game of jenga at a wedding.

Attending weddings is one of the most exciting events for most of us. Whether as guests or as a part of the entourage, we never want to miss witnessing such a special milestone of our dear loved one. We even have our own much awaited part — be it the bridal march, wedding vows, photo op, the food of course, all the way up to the after-party. But after attending one wedding after another, have you ever thought of how you’d want your guests to feel as they attend your own big day? 

We can’t deny the fact that during weddings, there’s always a huge possibility for a lag time. What hosts should think about is the kind of entertainment the guests should have to keep them busy yet amused especially when a photoshoot is ongoing. That said, having fun and exciting games is always a great idea. Given the inevitable relapse time, what games should your guests play?

Please the guests with these fun and exciting games!

Couple Quiz

This might be a game to get to know the groom and bride well. For this game, no need to set up anything. You just need to write a list of personal questions about the bride and the groom; silly questions are welcome too! The game master should read the questions out loud, and the guest who knows the answer should run to the game master and reveal the answer out loud.

You can have questions like:

* Who made the first move?

* Where did the couple meet?

* Where and when did the first date happen?

* Who kissed who first?

* Who snores when sleeping?

You might get shocked by the answers!

Statue Dance

Let your guests dance to the beat with some old songs to keep the party going. The game is simple; just play any song and let the guests dance to the music. Once the song pauses, everyone must freeze. The one who gets caught moving will be eliminated. 

Get the party going with the beat!

Cards Against Humanity

This is not a new game for adults. Cards Against Humanity is probably one of the best card games one could ever play. This is great if you can have everyone seated at their tables. The website Cards Against Humanity allows you to download cards you can print at home for free, which is quite fun as you can customise cards, and produce cards cheaply for each table.

The game starts with one randomly picked player (Card Czar) choosing a black card with an incomplete sentence. The other players must complete the sentence using the white cards. The Card Czar then reads the white cards out loud and the player who hands down the best answer then gets the chance to be the Card Czar in the next round. The best answer may be the funniest!


Gear up your party with lawn games like Kubb as this is not just your ordinary outdoor activity, but it’s something that will even give a classier game feel more appropriate for your wedding day. Teams can be composed of both entourage members and the guests. Basically you just have to knock down each Kubb (or cube) from the other team and knock the King Kubb for you to win the game. 

Don’t forget to put this exciting game on top of your list as we provide you with more detailed mechanics on how to play Kubb.

Just don’t forget to shake hands before the game starts, or better yet have an elbow bump!

Giant Jenga

You can buy massive wooden Jenga sets, as well as fold up cardboard sets. This could be a great game to play as the giant versions are big enough for everyone to watch a few people playing whilst standing around and eating snacks and drinking drinks. 

Not much into games? 

A photo booth can be as fun!

Guests can take as many photos as they like and develop them to have a hard copy of your wedding’s memory lane. It’s ideal not just for adults, but for the kids as well.

With these entertainment your guests can enjoy, it will be no doubt that your wedding will be another day to keep for the books!

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