Automatic Pool Cleaners for In-Ground Pools-Making an Informed Choice

The swimming pool is a favorite chill spot for many. But most homeowners struggle with cleaning and maintenance. Often, they’ll hire a foreperson to handle this daunting task.

Still, others prefer something faster and maybe, more efficient and affordable–like automatic pool cleaners– instead of outsourcing to a human worker.

Today, dozens of creative brands are competing to simplify pool maintenance for homeowners like you. With an array of options to consider, whichever tool you pick is now a matter of choice and preference.

To make an informed decision, list down everything you need in a robotic cleaner, such as the pool size, cleaning needs, material used on the pool’s surface, etc., and use these as a guiding light when shopping for one.

What is an Automatic Pool Cleaner?

It is a vacuum cleaning device built to collect dirt and sediments from pools with little to no human assistance.

All-inclusive robotic vacuumers handle everything, including cleaning pool walls, eliminating debris from pool floors, cleaning water liners, etc.

Robotic pool maintenance is a game-changer in the Home & Living space. Previously, people relied on manual methods like pool cleaning poles to remove debris from their waters. These days, all you have to do is to customize the settings and monitor the cleaning process.

Types of Automatic Pool Cleaners

Different types of pool cleaners use various mechanisms to eliminate sediments and wastes from your water.

There are three types of pool cleaners:

  • Suction-side: It uses a pool’s primary filtration pipe to suck in dirt from its waters.
  • Pressure-side: This type of cleaner uses the comeback water from a stand-alone booster pump to push the cleaner around the pool.
  • Robotic: These are self-reliant cleaners; they work independently once you have customized the settings and floated them in your pool.
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But too many options can be confusing when shopping for a pool cleaner for your home. We compiled this guide to help you make an informed decision.

Automatic Pool Cleaners: What Factors to Consider?

Below are some key considerations when shopping for a robotic cleaner.

Pool size

The size of your pool may determine the right type of cleaner for your home. For instance,

Huge pools may benefit from a cordless auto cleaner because they can travel a long distance without depending on the cable. In comparison, corded versions have a limited wire length and may be effective in smaller pools.

Cleaning capabilities

Robotic cleaners are built to serve different pool maintenance roles. While some are designed to remove debris from the pool’s floor, others perform other tasks such as

  • Cleaning the pool walls
  • Removing all the dirt from the waterline
  • Cleaning your pool cover

Specifying the features you desire increases the likelihood of buying a vacuum that meets your needs.

Pool Surface

Rough pool surfaces require cleaners that can handle rugged terrain and may prove hectic for smooth-surface. Be sure to specify the material you used on your pool surface when shopping for a robotic cleaner.

Battery Power

For cleaners with stand-alone batteries–or those that do not rely on a power connection to run–battery power is a primary concern. How long can the gadget run without requiring a recharge? Robotic cleaners that run longer can clean even relatively large pools at a go.

How large is the filter?

The filter plays a primary role in trapping the debris and dirt inside your pool.

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Autonomous cleaners with larger filters can perform their tasks for a long time without needing you to clean up the filter. Such vacuums are best for those looking for self-reliant cleaners that don’t need monitoring.

The Far-reaching Pros of Automatic Pool Cleaners

Automatic cleaners offer multiple benefits. Some of them include:

Speedy debris removal

Machines clean faster than humans and can guarantee instant results in situations that require timely vacuuming.

They sanitize your waters

Besides eliminating dirt from your swimming pool, automatic cleaners help sanitize your waters, making it safer for swimmers.

Thorough cleaning

Poles do a fair job cleaning pools, but automatic cleaners are more thorough than the former.

Time & cost savings

Quick and automatic cleaning means you spend less time maintaining your pool than a homeowner using manual techniques.

Buying a machine once and for all saves you the money spent on pool maintenance services every time you need to clean.

Lastly, these vacuum cleaners expose their users to small amounts of chemicals and are considered safer and eco-friendlier than other pool maintenance methods.

A Final Word of Choosing Robotic Pool Cleaners

When comparing your options, remember to highlight all your needs upfront. That way, you are more likely to find just the right gadget for your pool.

As hinted earlier, list down everything you need and the specifics of your pool to guide you through the buying process.

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