A group of people are swimming in natural pools inside a cave.

Here is a brief guide of the best swimming pools that can be found around the globe today and their access is either free or includes a fee. We’ll try to cover various areas so as to be able to get to one no matter where holidays may lead you in the near future.


How about setting off with this amazing natural beauty? If Thassos is your next autumn or spring destination, you should definitely grab the chance and visit the above pool. It’s located in the south of the island and it demands about 2 kilometers of walk in the end of the main road to get there as cars cannot approach due to rough ground. During summer take a dive as well. Keep in mind that especially in July and August it’s packed with tourists so wake up in the morning to get your spot as the early bird catches the worm! It is really worth your time since it’s like a tanker with turquoise water and offers dives from 8-meter tall cliffs. Tip: Don’t forget your sunscreen, your hat and a pair of trainers!

A group of people are swimming in a natural pool.


Moving on with our exotic trip we arrive in Far East, in the country of the rising sun, Japan. In its capital there is an extraordinary hotel that includes a rooftop pool. It’s not open to public though and only hotel guests are allowed to use it. So, if you can’t wait taking a breathtaking view of Tokyo’s skyscrapers, you will need to spend more or less 200$ per night there. According to customers’ reviews, that’s one of the best pools than anyone could enjoy in any accommodation in Asia. Thus, it is highly recommended especially if you are keen on swimming and not just drinking cocktails and getting suntanned in a sun lounger!

Glass Mosaic Pool Tiles 

A natural swimming pool in Hong Kong.


That’s an excellent choice for the ones who are into the celebrities’ islands. It’s about 50sqm in size so you can easily realize that it will be more than enough for all the guests of the villa. It will cost you less than 100€ per night, but loads and loads of services are included in the price. To name but a few, you will enjoy a private concierge 7 days a week and your towels will be changed every day. Stunning views to the Aegean Sea and total privacy are guaranteed as well. So, rent a quaint villa in Mykonos by Clubzak and let your dreams come true. Please do so as soon as possible to ensure you get the best possible rates.

A natural pool next to a large rock.


Its name stands for “natural well” in Spanish so it’s another natural wonder. It’s like out of this world as I doubt that even the best architects could build such a creation. It’s open to public daily from 9am to 5pm and it only costs 6$ to have a dive there. Its diameter is about 200ft and its depth approximately 130ft. In fact, it’s like swimming under a round waterfall. It’s a really soothing experience you shouldn’t miss out on.

A group of people are swimming in a natural pool inside a cave.

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