Buying a House in Florida But Have You Considered These Basic Things?

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Florida – a popular American state, known for its sandy beaches and unmatchable tourism is also becoming one of the topmost and best American states to settle. Floridians are enjoying their modern lifestyle with the latest technology, religious and cultural diversity along with the beauty of the Sunshine State.

Over the past few years, it has been estimated that almost 1000 to 2000 new people come and settle in Florida. This is quite a significant figure considering the fact that COVID has left many people homebound and jobless.

Are you looking forward to moving to Miami, FL? Or you are looking for homes for sale in Davenport FL? Either way, we will provide you with some awesome tips that you should consider before buying a house in Florida.

Important Pointers about Florida Weather

Before we start discussing some important things that you need to consider when buying a house in Florida, here are a few things you need to consider about the season of Florida:

Florida Does Have Different Seasons

Based on its geographical location, you cannot think of all 4 seasons when living in Florida. People do know about the Floridan climate by categorizing it into the ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ days.

  • From May to October, expect the dry season.
  • From November to April, expect the wet season.

Florida Does Not Have a Subtropical Climate

Many people think that the weather across the State is the same. However, based on statistics, the following conclusions are made:

  • Central and southern Florida is hotter
  • Northern Florida is colder

Weather IS Unpredictable

Yes of course! People of Florida know that living in the Sunshine State doesn’t always mean sunshine and warm beaches. Even in the mid-summers, expect yourself to drown in the sudden rain showers while chilling on the beach.

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Hurricanes Are Common In Florida

Hurricanes and tornadoes are common in Florida. This is why the Weather Service recommends that you stay indoors for at least an hour or so following a thunderstorm.

Things to Consider When Buying a House in Florida

Still interested in buying a house in Florida? Well, why wouldn’t you be? Florida is awesome. But before you go out and buy a house that certainly is not worth the price you have paid for it, here are a few things to notice:

Consider the Time When the House Was Built

Based on the unpredictable weather conditions of Florida, it is important to know when the house was built. Buyers are supposed to get in touch with the Florida Building Code who is responsible for governing different aspects like the roofing, sloping, and nails required bringing the house together.

The latest houses that are built after this code have to follow strict adherence to their terms and conditions. Many real estate agents will recommend that you take the services of a licensed inspector. He/she will allow you to understand the condition of the potential house you are purchasing.

In fact, they will ask all the right questions on your behalf from the sellers. Professional inspectors will give you their opinion before you spend any money or make any advanced payments. In fact, they will suggest whether the house is worth a purchase or not.

Age of Roofing

The roof is an important part of the house. No matter where you purchase the house, it is important for you to look at the time when roofing was done. The roof is a significant part of the house which provides you shelter and protects the indoor space from outdoor environmental changes.

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Having a damaged roof is not just a depiction of the damaged property. As a matter of fact, a damaged roof is also home to different health issues and can cause allergies and sickness. Consider the fact that Florida has a liquid temperature which can cause humidity in the indoor environment.

Also, having a humid roof can cause different health complications and infections. Consider the maintenance prices and what will cost you to maintain the house after purchasing it. Having professional agents and inspectors can also make a point on your behalf about compensation before purchase. Although many people get the house fully-maintained before selling, it is always a good choice to seek professional guidance.

Take a Look At All the Windows

Windows are considered a major point of focus because they play a major role in saving additional energy costs. Although the weather is pretty sunny, you need to keep in mind the occasional outbursts of rainy showers and hurricanes. In this scenario, outdoor objects can act as a projectile and break the windows.

Consider a house with windows that are resistant and can handle blows of an acceptable intensity. Although storm shutters are not mandatory if you look for homes for sale in Haines City, FL with shutters, you may have to pay lesser insurance costs.

Apart from the quality of material on the windows, you need to consider the life of these windows. You will be able to determine them easily by looking at the quality of the seal. Make sure that there are no ruptures or cracks on the quality of the seal. If you have no business breaking a particular object in the house, it is not your responsibility to fix it. Ask the sellers to get the windows fixed/replaced or have compensation in the selling price keeping in mind the damage to the windows.

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Consider the Insurance

If you are serious about buying a house in Florida, you need to take a serious look at the insurance requirements. The major reason behind this is because it’s an annual expense and you need to be certain about the budget that you are able to afford. Most of the insurance providers in Florida offer compensation for natural disasters as well.

Your deductibles are calculated at a flat rate or the appraised value’s percentage. If you want, you can involve your lawyer when purchasing insurance because they will help you understand the contract better and negotiate on a professional scale. While hiring a lawyer might just sound like another expenditure, it will save you from insurance frauds and any hidden terms and conditions that insurance companies are known to bring up. He can also help you get a better price.

Think Of Annual Costs

Purchasing a house isn’t a one-time thing. You need to consider the fact that there are several different types of costs involved in maintaining the house at a workable capacity. From painting the house to making sure that the regular wear and tear is taken care of, there are a lot of costs that can come after a year. So, make sure that you are able to afford all of them prior to making a deal.


Florida is becoming one of the most popular places to live in. Whether you are looking for homes for sale in Davenport FL, or your priority is homes for sale in Haines City FL, there are a lot of things you need to keep into account before buying a house. But if you are certain that Florida is the city you want to settle in, there is nothing better!

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