Can A Residential Electrician Install A Home Car Charger?

A white Tesla Model S parked in a home garage.

Home electric car chargers are vital for anybody who uses an electric vehicle, providing an accessible charging point that can be used at any time. Having an easy way to charge up your vehicle means that you are not stuck waiting for the battery to refill and limits how much time you spend at commercial charging points.

However, getting one installed does not sound easy. Can you just call an electrician and have them do it?

Do you need professional help with home car chargers?

Now that electric vehicles are becoming more and more widespread, it is common for a residential electrician to get trained on how to install car chargers. However, not all electricians have, and some do not even consider it to be the same line of work as their usual responsibilities.

It is a good idea to get a professional electrician to install your charger rather than trying to do it yourself. While it can seem quicker to get the company that manufactured the charger to install it, this might come with other delays. You can also get locked into their ecosystem, pushing you towards more expensive purchases that you do not need.

Instead, going for an independent electrician or third-party company can be more convenient since they have no bias towards the product. It also gives you more choice: if you need electric car home charger installation for your Dover, MA home then you can look for a company in your local area to make things easier.

Be sure to check their credentials. You always want to have equipment like this installed by somebody with the right credentials for that kind of work, as well as relevant training and any important or necessary tools that might be required to actually get the job done correctly.

Why not install it yourself?

One of the biggest problems with installing a car charger yourself is the amount of work it takes, as well as the risk involved. These chargers still have to be installed in ways where they can be connected to your home’s power, and this can be dangerous if you are doing it without the relevant electrical knowledge.

On top of that, most car chargers are meant to be used in specific ways, which can mean planning ahead to work out where they can be installed. Not all locations will be suitable for a vehicle charger, and it can be hard to reposition one once you have installed it somewhere.

Having the right training and certifications is not just a formality. It takes training to handle these chargers correctly, and people who do not have these credentials are at a very serious risk of electrocuting themselves. Paying somebody without these credentials to install it can also breach at least one major law involving electrical work.

No matter who you choose, it is important to think carefully about where you are even going to put the charger. Picking out an ideal spot ahead of time means that you can get a specialist in to start installing the charger right away, as long as there are no other issues or delays.

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