How to Choose the Best Kitchen Appliances for Your New Kitchen

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Appliances for Your New Kitchen with stainless steel appliances

Your kitchen is one of the biggest investments when moving into a new home. Since a kitchen’s workhorses are its appliances, it is important to select the best kitchen appliances to ensure that you enjoy cooking at home.

Purchasing kitchen appliances can be a daunting task when you have to compare your options: from energy-efficient to exclusive models to low-cost versions. Although functions and performance are undoubtedly the most essential factors to consider when purchasing appliances, you may want to consider how they fit in with your kitchen design.

Below are some pointers to guide you through your next purchase of kitchen appliances:


The main purposes of a refrigerator are to keep the food cold and preserve its freshness. As the cold temperature slows down the bacteria’s activity, your food can last for weeks or even months. So, when you want to choose a refrigerator, consider how many times you cook and eat at home to avoid leaving the food untouched.

A larger refrigerator may be the right choice for big families or those who cook regularly as it comes with extra capacity and more compartments. You can go for a fridge that is combined with the freezer or a two-door fridge with the freezer and refrigerator side-by-side.

While singles or individuals who do not cook frequently may choose sleek stainless steel or built-in type that looks great but does not require all the extras. In addition, consider an energy-efficient refrigerator that would minimize the electricity used.

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Ovens have been widely developed in their technology and functions since their first invention. They are categorized into various types based on characteristics, heat sources, and the meals cooked in them.

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When deciding on which type of oven to purchase, think about how often you cook and whether you are a beginner or an experienced. The oven you choose will have a huge impact in the long run as it determines the way you cook and how much energy you are saving.

The first thing to decide is whether you prefer a wall oven or a range oven which combines the oven and cooktop. If you have smaller space, you may opt for wall ovens as they mostly have smaller cubic space. Apart from that, think of whether you prefer using gas over electricity. Electric ovens are often less expensive to buy, whereas gas ovens are cheaper to operate.

Air Fryer

The air fryer is your next companion to a fast and healthy lifestyle since it helps to keep your food tasty without using any cooking oil. Not only that, but you will save more time when cooking as you can cook various foods that would typically be deep-fried, shallowly fried, or grilled.

You will have to constantly rotate your food to ensure that it is evenly cooked. However, if you feel like it is a hassle, you can go for an air fryer with a rotating basket that rotates the food automatically. Some of the models can also be used to cook a whole chicken.

A plus point for an air fryer is that it does not overheat your kitchen as much as an oven does. Therefore, you do not have to worry about cooking during the summer.

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A dishwasher is another time-saving appliance. It is easy to use and can wash multiple plates at one time. Thanks to extra insulation, nowadays dishwashers are much quieter and energy-efficient compared to what we had previously.

Depending on your kitchen space, you can go for a built-in or portable dishwasher. However, more people prefer the built-in dishwasher as it can easily blend in with your kitchen design.

In addition, the price depends on the features. High-end machines have electronic touch-pad controls, stainless-steel panels, and specific wash cycles for different kinds of pots and pans. For the cheaper options, they would usually offer push buttons or a combination of buttons and a dial.

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Ventilation System

A ventilation system is often seen as unimportant in the kitchen, but it is not. Food preparation and cooking emits smoke, steam, and odor that irritates the eyes and skin and causes respiratory problems. Therefore, having a good ventilation system helps reduce odors, heat, and humidity by exporting it to the outside of the house.

The capacity of the fan to circulate air is one of the most crucial elements to look for in a ventilation system. For many kitchens, conventional overhead or updraft wall-mount ventilation will be enough as the steam can easily rise into the filter system. To add, make sure that the hood is not too shallow to ensure optimum airflow.

Although you may want to save some money, buying the cheapest filter might not be the best choice in the long run. Sometimes it cannot withstand a long-term filtering process; hence you would have to keep changing the filter. So, make sure you decide on the best filtering system before purchasing.

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