How do you make a modern house look rustic?

A rustic lantern hanging from the ceiling of a cabin.

You can make a home look more rustic in several ways, and they’re easier to pull off than you might assume. Whether you want to create a more welcoming atmosphere for guests or just make your home nicer overall, you can make the greatest impact with rustic furniture and other rugged accent pieces. 

Still, what exactly do we mean by the rustic look? Does it refer to making every piece of furniture homemade from fresh-cut wood, or can you also get by using antiques? The answers depend on your personal style and taste in interior decor because not everyone will enjoy the same rustic pieces. So, to show you what your options are, here’s how to make a modern house look rustic and more like the outdoors too.

Define what rustic means for you

Generally speaking, rustic designs are natural, rough, aged, and weathered. The idea is to convey the same sense of the natural warmth you find in the great outdoors. Think more along the lines of cottages, cabins, and lodges than something fancier like a beach home. Most people stick with the easy wins and make their rustic interior furniture match their particular regional climate.

In the northern parts of the US, you’ll find more lodge-like styles and cabin-like styles. In the south, on the other hand, you might find that rustic means genuine antebellum architecture, farmhouses, and antiques from that era, which brings us to our next tip.

Use different pieces from different eras

There’s often a historical quality to rustic furniture too. You can go full antique and add accents from the Victorian era, which features wrought-iron fittings and brass in addition to heavier woods. If you’ve never picked furniture from this era, it’s a lot more challenging to move around than you think.

So, one way to bring a modern home into the rustic style is to use different antique pieces from different eras. You can choose to go wild west or something a little more niche, like simple Texas-inspired designs. Or, you can go old world and fill the home with antiques from the far east.

Use warm, natural colors and stay away from black and grey

The last subtle trick is to focus exclusively on natural colors like stone, wood, and the different shades of green you’d find in the outdoors. Flowers and elaborate centerpieces tend to brighten up living space, so replace those pieces with more greenery. Anything that accentuates the earthy qualities of the rustic furniture works great. It’s an incredible effect that your guests won’t even notice if you choose the right hues.

In short, that’s how you make a modern house look rustic, classy, and stylish. Essentially, you have to look for pieces that appear natural, earthy, and maybe, have a historical appeal too. 

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