Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Type of Bed

A bedroom with a queen bed, dresser, and nightstand.

Sleep is one of the fundamental aspects of living an efficient and healthful life. Just like different lifestyles led by various people, everyone does have their sleeping tendency. Being the most oversized piece of furniture in the bedroom, it is usually the main priority. A bed is a part of our everyday lives, and one can’t afford to go wrong in selecting what type to buy.

 If you are considering purchasing a new bed, here are some guidelines on the different kinds of beds for the process of getting one that suits your bedroom and your lifestyle:

A canopy bed

If you are adventurous enough and have a spacious bedroom with a high ceiling, this type of bed will serve you right. Canopy beds are made by having four poles at each corner of the bed adjoined by four rods. You might want to hang sheers on the rods for privacy purposes or leave it just bare.

A white bedroom with a canopy bed.

A Platform bed

The most common type of bed nowadays is a platform bed. It comes in different styles to suit your interior decor ideas. You can choose a headboard style, fabric, and color to match your decor ideas and expectations. 

Platform beds sit very low off the floor, and in case you need more space under your bed, you might have to buy risers. They are boxy and do not need a box spring. One can put them in a big or small room depending on what size you choose.

A Trundle bed

This bed is efficient when you need to make an extra bed. With a trundle bed, you need to pull out a bed underneath it. It is a two-in-one type of bed. It will be effective in spaces that might not be big enough to accommodate two beds.

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A child's room with a day bed.

A Murphy bed

Murphy beds are stored vertically when not in use and folded down when needed. They may be ideal for guest rooms and small spaces.

A Day bed

A day bed is another type of two-in-one kind of bed. It doubles as a sofa by day and bed by night. In most cases, the headboard and the footboard are the same length and do not reach the wall. It may be ideal for tiny rooms.

A Bunk bed

Bunk beds are two twin beds, one on the top of another held by poles. With advanced interior ideas, nowadays, a bunk bed can be customized to your liking, whether it is an L-shaped twin bed or a combination of a bunk and trundle bed. Bunk beds are prevalent in children or guest rooms.

A bunk bed with pink polka dots.

A Lofted bed

A lofted bed is similar to a bunk bed, only that instead of having a bed at the bottom, it may contain a desk or just space. This bed will help in optimizing the space in your room. Amazon offers an amazing selection of such beds.

Take out

Apart from just the type of bed, you might want to consider the material used to make a bed or headboard:

  • Iron beds- They are easier to clean and offer a vintage appeal.
  • Wood beds- The brown color may evoke calmness and warmth in the bedroom. They are also easy to clean.
  • Fabric beds- While sitting up on the bed, you might want a comfortable place to lean on, and a fabric bed may offer that. You can choose what fabric you want on your bed or headboard according to your interior inspirations.
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John Lewis offers a complete and straightforward guidline in purchasing a bed for those they would like to visit. For a complete experience on your bed, accessories like the mattress, bed risers, under-bed storage bins, pillows, bedsheets, and a box spring might be necessary. Interior design and budget also influence your choice of a bed. 

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