Can you replace the wood around a window?

A man installing wood around a window in a house.

The wood around the window can sometime rot and the chances for this are higher if you are in a humid area which receives plenty of rainfall. The wood around windows tend to attract moisture and unless you regularly maintain them they are likely to be damaged due to the moisture.

What makes this situation tricky is that rotted windows often appear to be in great shape. Water seeps in the frame or sill and damages the wood from within, without much visual signs initially. The best way to know if there is damage is to press a screwdriver into the wood. If you notice a spongy texture, then the wood is rotting, and you need a window repairs.

Signs that the wood around the window is rotting and needs window repair

Advanced signs of rotten wood around windows are easy to spot, you will notice cracked or peeled paint, irregular surface, large cracks or crevices and crumbling of wood. If the rot has advanced to this extend, then you will be able to spot it easily and you will need an expert who specialises in glass door repair. However, there are signs which are not easily visible in the initial stages of damage and if you catch them early you can prevent some severe damage:

  • Spongy texture: A reliable way to check for rotting wood, is its texture. Press with your fingers or use a screwdriver, if you get a spongy feel there is a rot for sure. The window sill is highly vulnerable and inspect it carefully.
  • Slight discoloration: If you notice slight discoloration of the wood, excessive moisture of mold can be the culprit. Address the problem right away to prevent further damage.
  • Obstruction in operating the window: When water or moisture compromises the structure of wood, a window will not open or close properly. A leakage in any part of your home can also be causing this damage.

Window repair solutions for rotting wood

When the wood around the window is rotting, it will need to be replaced and this job is best left to an expert. Here are some ways to fix the problem, the expert will evaluate the situation and use the best solution:

  • Window flashing: Installation of window flashing keeps the moisture away and maintains the strength and structure of the window frame. Even highest quality sidings allow some moisture to seep in, which eventually leads to damage and consequently rot and mold.
  • Retrofit or full frame replacement: Depending on your budget you can take a call to go for a retrofit or a full frame replacement. Though retrofit is not effective in the long run, but it is quick and will cost you lesser. Full frame replacement is the most durable and reliable solution for rotting wood, where all the rotten wood is replaced with new sturdy wood.

Rotting wood is a problem that progresses and spreads if it is not checked in time. It also houses molds and insects, which pose a health risk. Therefore, you must hire an expert to fix the problem and nip it in the bud.

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