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Transform your yard space into a welcoming and beautiful garden. Learn how to create outdoor rooms for relaxing and entertaining.

Garden Gates Make a Grand Entrance

Curved stone garden gate
Why have a standard gate into your garden when you can choose something that truly stands out and welcomes guests to your yard with style?  Garden gates can be wood, iron, stone or any combination thereof.  From classic styles to unique custom creations, a garden gate is a notable feature for your outdoor space. Wood gates are the standard traditional way to...

Terrariums in Interior Design

A terrarium is effectively a miniature reproduction of an ecosystem, neatly encased in a glass or transparent container. Usually these containers can be opened so that you can maintain your plants, but some terrariums are sealed (this will require different kind of plants, positioning, moisture and exposure). Terrariums then are a fantastic decorative element in any modern home. Just how aquariums...

Txokos for Holiday Gatherings

What exactly is a txoko (pronounced: choh-koh)? Txoko is a Basque word, which is an area spanning northern Spain and southwestern France that is rich in history. Basque is a language and culture as old as, or even older, than Roman culture and has no language similar to it, so you can bet there are unique traditions as well....

Beautiful Backyard Pavilions

Whether you live in a cold or warm climate, there's still a chance that you'll want to spend time outdoors. Most homeowners and guests like gathering outside, but where can you congregate? Standing isn't bad, but many people don't want to stand and talk for hours on end. That's why a backyard pavilion is a great item to have...

Unique Shrubbery Designs

Every once in a while you may find yourself driving up to your house and taking a glance around. After all the hard work you've put into making the interior of your house and the outer walls beautiful, you've noticed that you neglected the plants and shrubbery that surround it. Or, for those that tend to pay more attention...

Adding Curb Appeal with Beautiful Window Shutters

Every home needs a facelift at some point or another. Usually, home owners decide to spruce up the interior of the house. After all, the kitchen and bathrooms often bring up the value of the house. Once those areas are finished, the backyard is typically next on the list of to-dos and make-overs for a house to bring in...

Winter Floral Arrangements

The most important part of any winter floral arrangement is the colors that you choose. You'll mostly want to stick with cooler colors, like blue, green or purple. These should be in duller hues, with maybe one of them brighter to add some vibrancy. You can also pull in silver or white to add a neutral aspect that will...

Classic manor houses gardens

This very grand set of garden inspiration is best suited to classic manor houses and more modern mansions, but that doesn't stop us all from reveling in the natural beauty that thrives there. As we hop over the stepping stones, across huge manicured lawns, we might also find a few ideas that will translate into smaller nature spaces and...