Choose Partial Small Moves for Long Distance & Save Tons Of Cash

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Moving out is never easy, whatever reason there may be. You can be moving out of an apartment to settle into a bigger home. Or, move out of an old building to transfer to a newly refurbished one that’s closer to work. You can even change residences when you just feel like it – as if you’re looking for a way to start anew. Whatever the case is, one fact is evident: You need to move and you need to do it ASAP.

But, hold your horses! Don’t forget the simple reality that comes with every moving out plan – packing and transferring your belongings to your new place. Sounds easy enough but trust me; you’ll be scratching your head when you’re in the middle of doing it. Still, here are some packing tips that can help with your move:

Unless you’re the backpacker type who only owns a suitcase-worth of belongings, moving out is going to be one big pain in the neck. Just think of all the things you need transferred: the TV, stereo, your clothes (which I believe are all still dirty laundry), and all other furniture you just can’t leave behind. You need everything transferred; you need everything to be a part of your new life. But how do you get all these stuff safely transported to your new place of residence?

Well, that’s simple. You just need to get in touch with a few moving companies to find the best price, right?

The answer is both yes and no. YES because you do need professional help when transferring all your stuff, and NO because you won’t need “regular” movers. You need small load movers. There’s obviously a clear difference between the two. Allow me to explain.

How to Finish a Basement
A man encountering moving problems while transferring boxes from a moving truck with his family.
Family moving boxes on to a moving truck

What Is A Small Load Mover?

We all don’t live in mansions, alright? This means that we don’t have as much furniture or appliances as other people have – especially when you live alone, like me. Hiring a moving company or a big truck to help you clear what little possessions you have is pretty impractical. You pay for the entire thing and you can’t even fill it up.

This is where small load movers come in. Long story short, small load movers give you the benefit of transporting your belongings at a lesser cost. It is still 100% safe and on time. The only difference lies in the amount of space you will be paying for. In the world today, people are becoming more open to the concept of “sharing.”

We are now fond of doing carpools, wherein people who go to work in nearby offices opt to grab a single cab or Uber ride instead of getting several. It’s a cheaper and more sociable way to commute to work. The concept of “co-working” is also becoming more and more popular. This is when people, freelancers especially, decide to work with others inside a rentable office instead of renting an entire studio, flat, or office space for themselves. This “sharing” strategy has really allowed many people to save money in the most convenient way possible. It has also intertwined the lives of many, making room for the development of new friendships and social circles.

And now, it has become a trend among moving companies as well.

Three Fundamental Things to Consider Before a Loft Conversion

So now, instead of renting an entire truck for yourself, you can just rent a portion of the space. If the items you are planning to move weigh less than a ton, then you are considered a “small load mover.” You can have your belongings shipped and transported along with other small moves in long distance. After which, you simply split the bill amongst yourselves.

Of course, the “splitting” part is carried out by the moving company’s representatives. They bill you according to the measurements of the items you’re moving. Using an area formula, they calculate your part of the move and you just pay your share. Other small load movers will simply pay their own fair part of the deal as well. One-bedroom apartments usually have around 2,000-lbs. worth of belongings. If you try to rent out an entire truck for yourself, this amount will not even be enough to fill half of the truck.

Save money; transfer safely. Try small load movers today!

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