Decorating Your Dream Living Room

A living room with a blue couch and a coffee table. (living room)

If you are going a little stir crazy staying ‘locked up’ at home in this pandemic, gear up and put your designer mode on. Because In this article we are coming up with some cool ideas to redecorate your living room! You ought to admit that the living room is the most neglected part of our home even though we spend most of our time here. 

If you think you need an interior designer and a hefty sum of money for remodeling your living room, you can’t be more wrong. All you need is some new ideas and an experimental mind. Let’s read on to know more about living room design ideas and see if any of them clicks for you!

Things to Consider Before Designing Your Living Room

There are lots of considerations like color, texture, theme, lighting, space fluidity and so on involved in interior space designing. Before you get yourself confused, let’s break down the whole redecorating process for you.

Decide On a Plan

Designing a space becomes a lot easier once you have a clear vision. Your plan should harmonize with how much space is available and how to utilize this space. If you want your living room to be cozy, keep it simple. No matter what you plan, it should express your personality.

Rethink Your Furniture Set Up

You can get a new look for your living room simply by rearranging the furniture. Ditch the concept of pushing sofas against the wall. Rather create some spaces that will create an inviting conversational space. If you’re thinking about updating furniture you can go for some Modern sofa or minimalistic style furniture.

Boost Your Interiors with Color

A room with a grey couch and a coffee table.

Create a Focal Point

A focal point is something that gets your attention. For your living room, it can be an antique vase or a painting.  A coffee table or a couch that has a clear line and unique texture can also do the trick. If you are big into indoor plants a rack stacked with exotic potted plants can also be the focal point.

Paint and Color

Painting your living room can be a fun DIY project.. Color can set your psychological mood. Before selecting color you should decide whether to go for a warm tone or a cool one. Warm colors like yellow or orange will fill the space with energy while blue, gray, and other cool tones will evoke serenity and elegance.

Experiment with Texture

Texture is a vital element of interior design though we often tend to forget that.. You can get texture from different surfaces, textiles, floor finishes, and furniture. The easiest way to add texture is to go for a combination of all types of textures and  by layering them. One way to bring  in this combination is  adding smooth, rough, hard, or soft surfaces.

Don’t Forget to Add Some Rug

The easiest way to bring some textural sensation to a room is by throwing in a rug. You can go for a soft or fluffy rug or add something patterned or knitted . You can also throw in some pillows and have fun layering the textures. A rug will definitely bring some balance to all the design elements.

A living room with a gray couch in it.

Make It More Inviting With Proper Lighting

Like color, lighting can set the mood for space. The lighting shouldn’t be too harsh or bright, rather it should be soft. If you have direct sunlight glaring through the window you can add some drapes that will help deflect the light. If you have softer light pouring  in through the window you should invite them in to make the space feel more spacious and soothing.

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Throw in Some Personal Touch

If you don’t want a catalog style living room, you can avoid it by adding   some personal touch to it  by displaying some of your favorite items. If you like to collect antiques you can show them off in your living room. If you are a book lover, don’t hesitate to display your collection of books. Whatever you decide, it should be able to tell your story.

Things to Avoid While Decorating Your Living Room

There are some strict does and don’t  in designing. Sometimes these don’t  are more important than dos.

Going Overboard With Ideas

If you bring too many ideas or elements in your design you might make it a chaos. The best way to avoid it is to start simple. Bringing to many elements might make the space feel cluttered. Just Pick out a dominant idea or element and work on it.

Blindly Following a Catalog

You can take ideas from  design catalogs but don’t follow them blindly. Your living room should reflect your personality. You will be most comfortable living in a space that resonates with you, not in a made-up space that doesn’t allow you to live as you wish.

Positioning Things Wrong

There can be some paintings or pieces of furniture that would look better if positioned in a different space. You can destroy their appeal or make them an eyesore just by putting them in the wrong place. To get the best outcome, you have to try them in different spaces and see where they fit right.

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Measuring Wrong

After you finish decorating your living room, you don’t want the top of your coffee table to be higher than your sofa. That can destroy your whole effort. To avoid these, you have to measure things, especially if you are blending traditional and modern furniture together. Modern furniture tends to be a bit lower than that of a traditional one.

In conclusion, decorating the living room doesn’t mean just adding some throw pillows here and there. But it’s nothing complex or to sweat over either. With some thoughtful experimentation and proper direction, you can make your living room something from your dream. A well-designed interior can lift your mood, productivity, and mental wellbeing. It does not need a hefty budget to redecorate your living room but only needs your willingness and vision. The redecorating process itself can be a new way to express your creativity. You might  discover interior design as your new passion!

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