Different Types of Mounting TV Screen at Home

A mounted TV in a bedroom.

If you want to buy a new TV set but don’t have enough space for it, you need an upgrade to your home. Yes, we are talking about a TV-lift. Of course, you might argue that they are too expensive, and at the very end, it is possible to install a TV set somewhere.

However, let us disagree with you. You cannot install a new device just somewhere. It will spoil the impression from the purchase, and the use of it will not bring so much pleasure. Moreover, you can buy just a TV lift, without any furniture. This can work perfectly if you have a nice cabinet and some skills to remake it to host your new device. Another option is to install a ceiling drop down TV mount.

However, let us check everything in detail.

Installing a TV Lift in a Cabinet

If you have a nice cabinet and don’t mind that it will serve you for a couple of years ago, use it for your new pop up TV lift:

  • To do so, cut a slot in the cabinet top. Make it wide and long enough for a TV to pass.
  • On the cabinet bottom, install the chosen TV lift. It shall have a stroke length sufficient to lift your TV to allow you to watch it when in an extended position, and to hide it completely when in a retracted position. Also, check the weight capacity. It is also important if you don’t want your device to break down.
  • Finally, fix the TV-set on the lift, test it, and if it works properly, you are free to enjoy your new item.

Instead of a cabinet, you can use any other furniture piece big enough to keep your new TV on it. Another option is to install the TV-set behind, say, cupboard doors and automate the doors. In such a case, you don’t need a TV-lift but instead, you need actuator systems for the doors automation.

Installing a TV Lift on the Ceiling

If you don’t have a nice cabinet, or the place is insufficient at all, or if you, finally, have decided to turn your home into a high-tech hub, a ceiling installation is the most suitable option for you. The requirements for your ceiling TV lift are the same as for the installation in a cabinet:

  • The stroke length shall be sufficient to hide the TV and to lower it enough to allow you to watch it conveniently;
  • To be able to handle the weight of the device;
  • To look nice and to match the environment.

However, the installation itself is much more demanding.

Thus, for the installation, you might want to hire somebody who specializes in such type of works. Especially demanding is the wiring if you want it to be made properly. From the other side, all the systems are delivered ready for the installation, and the installation instructions are attached. Thus, if you want to do it on your own, you might spend pretty much time but it is manageable.

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