Finding the Best Commercial Electrician for Your Project

Commercial Electrician

Tracking down the perfect commercial electrician for your complicated electrical project may appear difficult at first. However, many helpful review sites and informative web pages have greatly simplified the process in recent years. Finding a commercial electrician in your area is now easier than ever.

Commercial Electrician Basics

Commercial electricians primarily work in public spaces, such as retail stores, offices, restaurants, banks, government agencies, airports, recreational facilities, and commercial construction sites. Essentially, they work anywhere outside of private homes. Commercial electricians upgrade, fix, and maintain electrical systems in non-residential buildings.

Commercial electricians are responsible for the building’s heating, power, and lighting. In addition, commercial electricians install and repair an establishment’s HVAC and computer systems.

They also are responsible for using or creating blueprints of a building’s electrical system and are licensed and trained to install conduits or run electrical wiring according to code. Commercial electricians often work on new constructions, renovations, and existing industrial buildings.

Commercial Electrician Duties

The main duties of commercial electricians include commercial switch gear installation, commercial outlet box installation, cable tray installation, bus duct installation, system wiring, large conductor termination, commercial wiring and light, among others.

In addition, many commercial electrical companies offer electrical panel upgrades, custom wiring and explosion proof wiring, electrical solar panels, backup power solutions, additional plugs and switches, basement electrical wiring, commercial ground testing services, emergency power solutions, fire alarm systems, efficient energy solutions, and lighting and fixture installations and upgrades.

They are also responsible for electrical wiring on raceways, commercial transformers, and commercial generators.

Commercial Electrician Services

Many commercial electricians offer electrical and appliance installation, emergency heating repair, commercial wiring, commercial electrical repair, and commercial heating repair.

Choosing a Commercial Electrician

Choosing the perfect commercial electrician does not have to be a difficult process.

  • Licensing and Certification – The first step is to ensure that your commercial electrician has the proper licensing or certification, applicable to your state or province. These requirements vary by region; consult government websites for more information. For example, in the United States, ask for an Electrical Installation Certificate (EIC). In Canada, workers must comply with the Electrical Safety Act. This is governed provincially. A license ensures that your commercial electrician knows what to do in case of problems, and is able to safely carry out the work. 
  • Insurance – Ensure that the electrician is insured. Uninsured workers leave your business at risk of lawsuits and costly work that may need to be redone properly. 
  • Customer Reviews/Recommendations/References/Testimonials – Customer reviews of websites, such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB), available in the United Stated, Canada, and Mexico, as well as Yelp reviews. In addition, do not hesitate to ask for personal recommendations from friends and neighbours. Ask for references and follow up. Ask their previous clients if they were satisfied with the work? It is also possible to read testimonials from clients on websites as well. 

    Trustworthiness -Trust your instinct. Does the commercial electrician seem trustworthy? Are they professional? Are you comfortable voicing your concerns? If not, perhaps you need to keep searching.

Commercial Electrician Levels


  • Apprentice – An apprentice is a novice electrician. Electricians remain in the apprentice stage for 2-6 years.


  • Journeyman – A journeyman must have met a minimum number of training hours and passed a journeyman’s exam.


  • Master Electrician – Master electricians have at least 2-4 years of professional work experience and have often written a professional certification exam.


Difference from Industrial Electricians

One important difference to keep in mind is that commercial electricians are different from industrial electricians. Commercial electricians do not work in oil refineries, factories, or power plants, among other locations. This is the domain of industrial electricians.

Commercial electricians focus on more common jobs and electrical repairs.

While both deal with electrical matters, they have vastly different educations and training.

Additional Information

Clients should ensure that they request a contract to avoid possible future disputes. In addition, a written scope of project with quotation should be obtained before work begins.

Cost of Commercial Electrical Services

Costs of commercial electrical services vary. Average costs range from approximately $50-$100 USD per hour. Average projects costs are approximately $160-$500 USD, but depend on size and complexity of the job. A mid-range price point is approximately $300 USD.

Finally, many commercial electricians offer free quotes. Do not hesitate to shop around. Give them a call, send them an email, or fill in one of their handy online forms.

Commercial electricians ensure that a building’s power, heating, and lighting are fully functional, and most of all safe. While choosing a commercial electrician remains a very important decision, it is no longer difficult. Finding an experienced commercial electrician is now easier than ever before with various websites and review pages.

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