Four Signs Your Home Needs Foundation Repair

Four signs of foundation damage in a white wall with a crack.

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The foundation of your house must remain durable through the years for the family’s protection. It takes good engineering skills to build a better surface to keep the entire house firm.

You can check foundations repair in Richmond for your house repair needs. When you see little signs of a weak foundation, do not hesitate to call for a request.

Foundation repair requires both knowledge and skills to deliver your desired results. While other households prefer DIY repairs, it is still best to hire professionals to do the task. This too can avoid mistakes making the situation worst.

To better know the solutions, you should identify the possible signs that your safety is at risk. Take a closer look at the walls to see some cracks, if there are any.

Visible Signs For Foundation Repair Needs

1. Floor Gaps

Cracks between the wall and the floor are common to any home setting, however, this can be risky. You will notice it by looking closely at the gaps.

Fixing the gaps demand a cost but will benefit the entire household greatly. It usually occurs during the rainy season where leaks can be seen. That would cause pest problems if not repaired immediately.

DIY solutions won’t completely heal the gaps and might still need additional repairs. Better call for an expert to deal with the gaps.

2. Brick Wall Cracks

For houses with brick wall structures, brick cracks can be dangerous. They come in different kinds with the same symptoms like mold growth, humid climate, and seepage.

There might be a significant problem with your house’s foundation that only experts can notice. Not fixing the issue immediately can result in a bigger damage.

It will be definitely expensive to work with the experts compared to DIY fixes that seem to save money in the short run. You need to rent tools instead of paying a fixed amount with professionals.

3. Drywall Cracks

Drywall problems are commonly seen around doors, ceilings, and windows. These are easier to identify than the other signs for foundation repair. Inspect your walls each day to immediately fix the cracks.

Poor settling of house foundations is one of the reasons why drywall cracks occur. The more cracks that appear indicate more serious foundation problems. Relying upon the experts than customized fixes could get rid of the cracks shortly.

4. Bowed Basement Walls

And lastly is a bowed basement wall. It is the most serious foundation issue you could encounter with only one cause – the pressure pushing against the wall.

Quick fixes won’t solve the problem unless with the help of a professional. It is expensive and a long process according to repair contractors.


Homeowners should take a deeper inspection to identify the best solutions toward foundational issues. DIY fixes can save money but there is a better option, to hire repair contractors. These people have all the tools needed as well as the legal requirements to protect your house.

Are there any signs of foundation problems in your house? Call the experts now and let them do the job!

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