Glass Furniture: 10 Selection Rules

A modern glass dining table with white chairs from the selection of glass furniture.

Glass furniture in any interior looks elegant and sometimes very unusual. It is able to decorate and give a zest to any room. Today, most often made of glass are various tables and tables, shelves, racks, pedestals for TV or even Four Seasons Sunrooms. If you decide to decorate your interior with glass furniture, you need to know a few important rules.

Rule #1

When choosing glass furniture, first of all you should pay attention to the quality of the glass from which it is made. In quality glass there should be no air bubbles, foreign objects, and the surface of the product should be smooth and even without chips, cracks and scratches.

Rule #2

If you are buying a kitchen, worktop or TV cabinet, make sure that the worktop is made of glass that is thick and strong enough to withstand the weight of the appliances you plan to put on it. The same is for a retractable roof.

Rule #3

Special attention must be paid to the quality of the product’s assembly. Fragments of glass furniture can be connected with special adhesive or fittings. If glue was used for connection, then carefully inspect the places of gluing: there should be no leaks and spills, and the structure should be stable.

If pieces of furniture are fastened with the help of hardware, all fasteners should be tightened tightly and the furniture object should not be loose. In addition, it is worth paying attention to the presence of special plastic or rubber seals at the places of such connections. If there are no seals, the glass elements will be permanently damaged, which will significantly reduce the life of the furniture.

Rule #4

A quality glass table shall be fitted with special supports to dampen vibrations from shocks and steps. Furniture with such supports shall last longer.

Rule #5

Glass is a rigid material with an increased heat capacity. So if you are going to buy a glass chair or stools, you should also buy special cushions.

Rule #6

If there are children in the family, it is desirable not to buy furniture made of thin, weak glass. In addition, before buying it is necessary to make sure that the edges of the product are well ground, and the piece of furniture itself does not contain sharp angles and it is impossible to cut yourself.

Rule #7

If a piece of furniture is made of coloured or tinted glass, it should be ensured that the tint is uniformly applied everywhere, without any noticeable transitions. If the product has been tinted with a special film, make sure it is glued properly.

Rule #8

It is better to buy furniture made of tempered glass, which is sold at The hardening procedure makes the glass strong and durable. Such glass can withstand mechanical pressure up to hundreds of kilograms.

Rule #9

If you buy glass furniture with a pattern on it, pay attention to the technology of its application. The most common application today is sandblasting. It provides a reliable and durable image, which is not erased even with mechanical action. PVC self-adhesive film is also often used. The coloured film is glued on the back side of the glass and provides a durable image.

Rule #10

The biggest drawback of glass furniture is its marquetry. Any dirt, even the smallest ones, can be seen on it, up to accidentally left behind fingerprints. Therefore, for your glass furniture to always look beautiful, you also need to buy quality products for its care. As a rule, they are sold in the same place as the furniture itself. Remember that you must not use abrasive detergents, powders or pliers with metal or chip hard fibres to clean your glass. In general, glass furniture is not much more expensive than furniture made of wood or chipboard.

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