HDB renovation – Essential rules to keep in mind

A man wearing a hard hat standing in front of a house undergoing HDB renovation.

Change does unsettle things for a while! It ultimately helps to start a new refreshing pattern to life. The same logic applies to home renovation. It helps you to say yes to a new design, decor that gives your house a new look and identity. Every homeowner wants their house to look clean, neatly designed, and well maintained. They also want their home to reflect the best home decor trends and design patterns. Renovation is the times when they can make it all happen. For this, it is essential to get in touch with an expert home designer and decor expert and follow the guidelines.

HDB renovation becomes easy and streamlined when you have expert help. Planning makes everything perfect. Here are a few crucial tips that you can use:

  1. Don’t discard everything

There are times when homeowners want a complete design shift! They don’t want the previous look and design of their home. Even when you have something like this in mind, it is essential to check your house and room decor carefully. There must be few things and decor elements that you wouldn’t want to part with. Or you think that could complement your future home decor pattern. It could be a shoe rack, a sofa, a coffee table, and the like. If there’s anything like that, it’s a wise decision not to discard it for the sake of renovation. Keep it and use it appropriately in your home renovation.

  1. Budgeting is essential

Do you want a frugal and economical home renovation? Are you ready to splurge? Or you do want to limit your budget as well as splurge? Regardless of any of these questions that you say yes to, it is essential to have a budget list. You need to have an idea of the overall expenditure. It is necessary to know when you are making a budget plan; you possibly can’t overestimate the budget. Research on the things you need and also find alternatives. It will help you spend cost-effectively.

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An HDB house with a garage at dusk.

  1. Get your walls painted

If you want your house to look new with the least investment, get your home painted first. The change of color will make your house look different. Make sure that you choose a color scheme across the house that complements the home and not create a questionable contrast. You can even paint your living room white as that provides you ample scope to design your living as per the Scandinavian decor trends.

  1. Get plumbers for home renovation work

Home renovation will require plumbers. And this is the reason why you should hire professional, expert and licensed plumbers. If you have any inappropriate plumbing as well as water connections, it can cause problems in the future. Can you imagine sewage gas seepage in your living room? Or the dangers and trouble of flooding during the night and clogged drains? None of these are pleasant. Hence, it is crucial to find a solution beforehand.

You should know that a few plumbing issues need to get managed by an expert renovation contractor. Simple tasks, like a painting the house might seem easy. But the rest needs professional and expert hand-holding. It is essential to understand all your requirements and limitations as well. That way, you can plan a better home renovation strategy. Ensure you that you hire an expert renovation contractor who can assist you with an expert plumber. Since your home renovator will know your budget; they will guide you accordingly without adding much to the cost.

  1. The industrial theme still works

You need to have a distinct home decor theme. It will give your home a different character. And let’s get completely honest here. Till date industrial theme has a demand. And it is mostly because of the charm and artistry that it reflects. You can opt-in for the grey panel addition to your rustic chairs and table and add the industrial ambiance to it all. Add to that white or base color furniture, washed walls, and matching limited wood floor – your home decor will be a perfect blend of charm and class. It is something that most homeowners today want for their urban homes and traditional bungalows.

  1. Add details to a small space and keep it clutter-free

Most people think decorating a small space is challenging! If you decide to keep it clutter-free and add interesting details, you can renovate it smartly. For instance, if you have a small space in your balcony, you can design it in a minimalistic pattern. Instead of having huge chairs, you can have small wooden stools and can arrange for a little herb garden. It will also add an element of greenery in your home decor along with freshness.

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These are some of the best HDB renovation trends that you can opt-in for! You can choose from the guidelines mentioned above based on your requirement. Select all or a few, depending on your home decor theme and budget capacity. Check with an expert interior decor expert to choose wisely.


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