Hiring A Professional vs DIY: An Insight Into The World Of Office Maintenance

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While it is true that good leadership, efficient organization and zero procrastination makes for an efficient office, it cannot be denied that another factor that adds to office efficiency is a clean and hygienic environment. 

Hiring professional cleaning services and office cleaner makes a huge difference in the upkeep of the office space. Ensuring a clean, healthy and safe work environment is no doubt of high priority to office managers. Employees also demand a certain level of the same in the space that they work in.

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Professional cleaning services are best for those who don’t want to do the cleaning themselves. Other than avoiding the hassle of doing the cleaning yourself, in this article, you’ll see ten reasons why you should choose professional cleaning services rather than doing it yourself. 

1. Level of expertise

Professional cleaning services are, well, professional. They know the details of how to clean the different food stains, paying attention to the typically ignored areas, knowing the different microbial hotspots to keep clean and making sure that the overall environment feels clean and hygienic. This knowledge is not commonplace and home-remedies don’t always do the job.

2. Make the first impression count 

Making a good first impression on the clients is especially important in offices. Dusty surfaces, coffee stains on tables, tea spills and dirty washrooms don’t just ward off clients but also new employees and visits from the higher-ups. Even if the employees are not responsible for the cleaning, they are responsible for the mess.

3. Save Time and Money with office cleaners

Money is spent anyway either way on the salaries of the traditional cleaning staff. If you insist that you would rather do the cleaning on your own or get done by your employees, think again. Even doing simple tasks like taking the trash out, wiping off a spill, cleaning off the workstations before sitting down to work is time-consuming and are all aspects that employees shouldn’t have to worry about.

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What they should worry about is to keep being efficient and consistent in their work. After all, in the business world, time is knowledge, power and money.

4. Helps employees health

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This is one of the main reasons that a clean and hygienic work environment is of utmost priority. Passing stationery, phones, files and papers are commonplace at offices. These unavoidable aspects become easy paths of transfer of microbes and hence spreading sickness with ease. Hiring professional cleaning services and office cleaners ensures that commonly used surfaces are kept hygienic, reducing the spread or build-up of microbes. 

Be it a small office with a team of ten or a multinational conglomerate with hundreds of employees, nobody wants to work in a dirty place where they are likely to pick up unwanted microbes. Businesses lose huge amounts of money due to sick leaves taken by their employees for preventable illnesses. 

While it cannot be said that a clean office prevents employees from taking sick leaves, it does ensure that the reason isn’t the office environment itself.

5. Increase of Productivity

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While the well-being of the employees is taken care of, clean and tidy workspaces increase productivity. Unkempt and dirty environments can easily spiral into bouts of unproductivity and demotivation. 

Professional help ensures that the office spaces are consistently clean, making the employers look forward to working in them rather than dread entering them.

Studies show that more than 90% of employees admit that a clean work environment increases their motivation to work and their productivity in the office.

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6. Improves Morale Of The workforce

Simply the action of investing time and resources to ensure that your employees have a clean, safe and hygienic environment does a lot to boost the morale of the environment. It makes them feel genuinely cared for and they acknowledge it as a display of the office’s commitment towards the well-being of its employees. Clean workspaces are welcoming and hence, a much-desired aspect of offices. 

Professional cleaning services uphold the standards of a clean workspace and this induces a positive mentality in the employees, making them want to work hard and do the best that they can. Viewing consistently clean workspaces increases feelings of loyalty and commitment to employees’ jobs and businesses.

7. Use Of Proper Tools And Equipment

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Professional cleaning services use the appropriate tools and equipment to clean various stains, dirt and surfaces. They make sure they not only leave the surfaces clean and hygienic, but they also leave them undamaged. The use of normal tiles, carpet and stone flooring like marble all require varying levels of care and entirely different maintenance processes. 

Professional cleaning services not only know about various cleaning and maintenance methods, but they also have the appropriate tools and equipment and most of all, the expertise to wield them in. 

8. Flexibility Of Services Provided

Flexibility in the services provided is one of the most attractive features of hiring professional cleaning services and office cleaners.  Cleaning up a particularly bad spill of food onto the carpets, cleaning up glitter and confetti left everywhere after a particularly rambunctious birthday party? 

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Professional cleaning services offer help even for these unforeseen events. Their times are flexible and they will do what they need to even during odd times. They ensure that when the employees return to the office the next day, their environment is spic and span. 

9. Workplace Safety

With traditional or DIY methods of cleaning, it is very easy to leave wet floors after cleaning. These become dirty real fast due to employees walking over it and look worse than they originally did or become a workplace hazard causing slips and falls. 

In a lot of businesses, injuries that occur to employees in the workspace is a particularly embarrassing way of losing money as they are expected to reimburse the employees’ medical charges. Clients can get enraged enough to file lawsuits against the business that yet again, are costly affairs. 

All of this can be avoided by hiring professional cleaning services, as the only thing they leave a clean and hygienic environment. 

10. Zero Hassle with office cleaner

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When you hire professional cleaning services, it is a load off your shoulders to know that an expert is responsible for keeping the workspaces clean. It is also relieving to stop worrying about who to delegate the cleaning tasks to, on what days and how much there is left to clean.

Hiring professional help keeps the employees focused solely on their work, making for a more efficient, productive and less distracting work environment.  

Now while businesses might originally shy away from hiring professional cleaning services, the above reasons are enough to make them reconsider.

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There is an undeniably extensive range of benefits of hiring professional cleaning services. They make sure to deliver top-quality service each time. So when it comes down to the debate of going DIY or professional experts, the argument is one-sided towards office cleaners!

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