Home Decor Trends for Summer 2019

A white dresser with a mirror, following the Home Decor Trends for Summer 2019.

As summer approaches, it’s exciting to find ways to bring the beauty of the sun’s rays and fresh air into your living space. Even if you live in a hot or humid climate, you can balance sunshine and warmth with comfort. Top designers are showcasing their decorating ideas, from outdoor entertaining to cooling the interior, to help you enjoy the summer months of 2019. Although trends come and go, many of these ideas embody classic designs that will appeal throughout the years.

A living room showcasing the trendy black and white checkered floor for Summer 2019 home decor.
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Cool Colors

Some colors make us feel cool. Others exude warmth. Blues are cool, reminiscent of water and sky. Pair blues with other cool colors such as greens and violet. Balance them with the warmth of reds, yellows and oranges. Coral and indigo or teal and lemon yellow make a room feel cool.

Cool colors on walls make interiors feel bigger. If you are not up to repainting an entire room, pick a color for one wall and use accessories to bring out the hues. Changing pillow covers, area rugs and window curtains are inexpensive ways to bring in the summer sunshine and freshen your interior.

A white living room with brown leather furniture, following home decor trends for Summer 2019.
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Natural Elements

Designers are emphasizing nature this year. Using natural elements in the living space balances the technology that is so prevalent in our lives today. Houseplants are a great way to bring the outdoors in. From oversized palms to small succulents, plants add greenery and life to a room. Make a window display of kitchen herbs, showcase potted plants in wicker baskets or place succulents in seashells on tables. Make a jungle display using wood, bamboo or wrought iron as supports for tall plants. Intertwine climbing plants on the supports to give a feeling of lush vegetation. The display can serve as a focal point and give a fresh feeling to the space.

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If tending houseplants is not practical, put dried flowers, twigs and branches in terracotta pots to bring the outdoors in. Wreaths of pine boughs on the front door or over a mantle work in any season. Baskets of fruit or vases of fresh, brightly colored summer flowers add color and texture to a space.

Furniture made of natural or sustainable materials, such as wood, bamboo and wicker, make a room feel relaxed and fresh. Paint wicker furniture in cool, summer colors to accentuate the season. If you have an assortment of unmatched furniture, painting the pieces the same color unifies the look.

Use curtains to modulate light and heat during the sunny times of day. Pack up the heavy drapes and try innovative looks to create the ambience of a summer cottage or beach house. Hang lightweight curtains that capture breezes and let in fresh air. Bamboo blinds, shells knotted on twine or strands displaying colored glass add interest to windows.

If you live in a hot climate, layer the window treatments. Use lightweight curtains of natural fibers, such as linen or cotton, next to the glass. Hang heavier curtains that block sun and heat inside. The curtains can be adjusted throughout the day to capture breezes, repel heat and let in light.

A white living room with a fireplace, showcasing the latest home decor trends for Summer 2019.
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Go Outdoors

Make use of verandahs, porches and patios for outdoor entertaining. Hang paper lanterns throughout the garden, between trees, in a gazebo or over an outdoor dining area. Make sure lighting is suitable for outdoor use.

Set up a dining table on a porch to enjoy meals al fresco. If insects are a problem, hang matchstick blinds or sheer curtains around the perimeter to keep pests at bay. Place a table and chairs in a shady spot in the garden to make a cozy nook for dining, reading or relaxing. If you have a pool, decorate the poolside area with outdoor lights and comfortable furniture. You can create a cool niche by installing curtains on poles to enclose an area. Close the curtains when the sun is strong, and open them for breeze and a view.

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An outdoor dining area with white furniture and string lights, reflecting Home Decor Trends for Summer 2019.

Floral Patterns

To bring a garden atmosphere to the interior, designers are accentuating floral patterns on walls and windows. Hang floral draperies against a wall to create the feel of a garden. Stencil flowers in bright colors above a bed or in the kitchen. Wallpaper one wall of a room in a floral pattern, using wooden furniture, stone and terracotta to accentuate the look.

Ask your family and friends to join you in incorporating these summer decorating ideas into your living space. Even simple changes, such as removing clutter, make rooms feel fresh and spacious. Rearrange furniture to face your garden for an attractive view of the outside. New cushion covers in bright floral patterns and lightweight window treatments can transform a room from a winter hibernation den to a joyful space full of light and fresh air.

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