Way to Improve the Design of Your Space and Consider Working with Pros

Consider working with pros to improve the design of your wooden floor in the living room.

When you’re busy living your life, it can sometimes escape you just how important your home actually is. Sure, you remember to handle the basic chores. You clean up your home and you do your best to keep it maintained. But your home is more important than you might think.  You spend a lot of time there (though perhaps not as much time as you’d like). Your home is the last thing you see at night and the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning.

It’s the place where you cook and handle chores, the place where you unwind and read or watch TV, the place where you host parties, and the place where you share personal time with your loved ones. And how it feels — how it looks, and how it affects your daily activities — matters more than you might realize.

Your home’s interior design matters

If you’re not convinced that your home’s interior designs matters, then just ask scientists. Our environments affect our moods and mental health, experts agree. That includes the societies we live in, but also the spaces. Even something as subtle as the temperature of a room or the color of paint on the wall can affect our minds, studies show. That’s why office designers and businesses are so interested in how their spaces look, feel, and function. So shouldn’t you consider the same things when it comes to your home?

A living room with large windows and wooden beams that improves the design of your space and considers working with pros.
Residential work from interior designer Vicente Wolf of city, beach or country-style apartments in New York and around the world | credit: vicentewolf.com

A change in interior design can have a real and radical effect on your life. You could end up with a kitchen that is easier and more pleasant to use, which could make you more likely to cook healthy meals for yourself instead of opting for take-out and restaurants. You might discover that your living room can be made more relaxing, which will improve your mental health and make you more productive during the times that you’re out of your recharging space.

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You could find ways to make your bedroom more comfortable, resulting in better sleep and all the incredible mental health benefits that come with that. And all of these changes can improve your overall mental state because interior design really does matter to mental health.

It all sounds almost too good to be true. So how can you invest in your personal space? How can you improve its design?

Research and DIY in interior design

You can start by reading up on the principles of interior design and beginning to make changes yourself. Perhaps you have furniture that is cluttering up your space and cutting off otherwise functional real estate in your rooms.

Maybe your paintings and photographs are hanging at the wrong heights, making your space less aesthetically pleasing. Or maybe your bathroom and kitchen are simply too disorganized to be of the best possible use.

Enhance your living room with a compelling large painting on the wall.
A living room designed by interior designer, Grant K. Gibson | credit: Time Magazine

But there are limits to what you can accomplish by yourself in interior design. To truly transform your space, you’ll need to work with a professional.

Working with pros to transform your space

An interior decorator can be an incredible ally in your fight to make the most of your space. When you work with an understanding professional, explains interior decorating pro Karin Ross, you’ll be able to combine new items with the best possible use of your existing furniture and wall hangings.

A cozy living room with a fireplace and hardwood floors, featuring expert design tips to elevate your space.
Credit: http://karinrossdesigns.com

Professional interior designers, such as those at Karin Ross Designs, can help you with a huge range of issues, from organizational questions to debates over the right flooring and wall colors.

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Interior decorating pros take years to learn everything they know about how to make rooms more comfortable and functional. There’s simply no way for you to match their expertise as a DIYer, so don’t try. Instead, spend wisely on help from a trained expert, and transform your interior space for the better.

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