How do you nail boards into concrete slabs?

A nail stuck in a pile of dirt.

If you’re looking to better utilize your basement, but aren’t ready for the commitment of finishing your basement, you might consider sectioning off different parts of your basement. 

If done correctly, sectioning off parts of your basement can help make the space more usable. Maybe you want to create a small area for your cat’s litter box, but want to keep them from exploring the rest of the basement. Or maybe you want to keep your washing machine in a separate area from your storage. Or maybe you want to finish part of your basement but not all of it. 

No matter what your reasons are, sectioning off portions of your basement can result in more usable spaces. 

What to do with divided spaces?

The possibilities are endless, even if your basement is unfinished!

Many times, people will divide their unfinished basement because they want separate areas for storage and their washer and dryer. Creating separate spaces for these areas can result in a more organized living space. 

Another common way to use a divided space in a basement is to separate a workshop area from a storage space. An unfinished basement can make a great area to store your tools and woodworking, but you don’t want that dust getting all over your stored items. 

You might also have plans to partially finish your basement but are being mindful of your budget. Creating separate spaces early on can allow you to start to visualize the finished product. And in the meantime, that space can be used for storage. 

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How do you create different sections?

Once you decide to create different sections within your basement, you’re going to have to figure out how you want to go about creating separate spaces. 

If you’re on a budget, a simple solution is to use tall shelving units to separate areas. This creates dividers and also gives you additional storage areas. An alternative to shelving units is curtains. You can either hang tracks in your basement or stretch a wire across your basement for your curtains. 

Another way to create different sections is by drywalling your basement or by installing wall panels. It is possible to frame out your basement yourself if you have the right tools. There are certain drills, such as these hammer drills from Makita, that are specifically designed to drill through stones and concrete. If you don’t have the right tools, you may need to hire a professional. 

Can you decorate unfinished spaces?

Just because your basement is unfinished doesn’t mean you have to start at boring grey walls and floors. 

While you don’t want to put good furniture in an unfinished space, you can still do some basic decorating. Add some pops of coloring by painting the walls with a sealant paint or by laying down foam mats on the floor. String lights or table lights can also help add a nice glow to the room. 

You might also want to add some older furniture to the space — if it gets damp, you’ll have to get rid of it, but recycling your old living room couch to the basement is a way to make your basement more comfortable without spending money. Add some throw pillows and you’ll have a cozy sitting area that you can retreat to when you need a break from your kids. 

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What are some other tips to keep in mind?

Before you start regularly utilizing your unfinished basement, make sure that you’ve taken the necessary steps to avoid moisture in your basement. Moisture leads to mold, which can be hazardous to your health. 

If your basement is prone to flooding, make sure to install a sump pump. This can help keep water out of your basement. Even if you have a sump pump, your basement still might be damp and moist. Adding a dehumidifier to your basement can help get rid of some of that excess moisture from the air. 

You’ll also want to make sure there aren’t any holes in your basement or gaps under cellar doors. Rodents often enter basements in search of a warm environment and food. If you have a hole coming in from the outside, you’re inviting pests into your home. 

Final thoughts

If you want to start utilizing your unfinished basement, dividing it into separate sections is a good way to get started. Think about what you want to use your basement for and how much space you need to devote to each area. Different sections can help make your basement more comfortable and organized, even if it isn’t finished.

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