How Dry Ice Cleaning Can Help With Mold Maintenance

A man is working in a factory using large metal tanks for dry ice cleaning.

Mold can be a serious issue in a wide variety of situations. It only takes a little bacteria and some moisture for mold to start appearing. Unfortunately, this can then contaminate the process. It also creates health risks, especially in those susceptible to allergies.

That’s why it can be difficult to clean sensitive equipment, you need to ensure they are completely dry afterward. In short, you can’t clean them properly conventionally with soap and water.

You’ll need to chat to the specialist in dry ice cleaning as this will clean your machine and avoid creating an atmosphere where mold can flourish. 

What Is So Great About Dry Ice

When you hear the word ice you automatically think about water as ice is water. This makes it seem like an unattractive option for cleaning.

However, dry ice is actually a solid form of carbon dioxide. This is created as tiny pellets which can be blasted at the surface that needs to be cleaned, whether it is a specific mold in a factory, hospital equipment, or any other surface.

In order to create dry ice, the temperature of carbon dioxide needs to be lowered, below freezing. This means that when it hits the surface that it is cleaning it quickly warms and becomes carbon dioxide gas again. In other words, there is no moisture and no residual. The dry ice cleans and disappears without a trace. There is no environment inductive to mold. 

How dry Ice Cleans

Dry ice hits the surface with force, literally blasting the dirt, bacteria, and anything else off the surface. The dry ice won’t damage the surface as it is not abrasive, it simply cleans. This allows it to offer the following benefits:

  • 100% Clean Surface
  • No waste product that can damage the surface or the environment
  • Fast & effective –reducing cleaning time and keeping the machine running for longer
  • Non-abrasive – it won’t damage the surface it is cleaning.
  • Can be done anytime and almost anywhere, including building the cleaner into the machine
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Using Dry Ice

It is important that those handling the dry ice have specialized training. After all, dry ice is very cold and could potentially damage your skin if it was in the way. However, this is the only downside to dry ice and shouldn’t be an issue with the proper training.

It is fast, effective, and efficient. Allowing you to focus on what matters.

Dry ice cleaning can be used in a huge array of different scenarios, from cleaning specialized equipment to sterilizing hospital machines, and even general cleaning duties. As bacteria and disease become more prominent in the world, it is good to know there is a cleaning method that works. 

Of course, if you were trying to do it yourself you would need equipment to freeze the carbon dioxide, that’s why it is easier to use a specialized company. They have the experience and equipment you need to create perfectly clean surfaces every time.

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