4 Compact Designer Radiators Perfect For Small Spaces

While gracing the pages of home decor magazines and going through the various interior design blogs, we’re sure that you would’ve come across an array of ultraheat designer radiators that are sleek, smart and elegant than the standard ones.

Well, the central heating technology has certainly improved in leaps and bounds and so have those varieties of radiators – ranging from a myriad of models and designs.

However, seldom do those ornate aesthetics and impressive rooms displayed in the magazines reflect the true essence of real life! 

The good news here is that the size of the heating unit need not dictate its appearance. There are several options available on the market perfect for both small and medium sized rooms. What’s more, they don’t crowd the space and keep it warm and toasty all the time.

Here are the top four designer radiators that you can choose from.

1. Horizontal Column Radiator

A compact and chic option, horizontal column radiators can seamlessly fit into any of your rooms.

In other words, you could think of this heating unit as an instant design upgrade; it can be fixed against a wall below your window or television or wherever you have some free space available.

If you’re looking for a horizontal radiator that’s easy to clean and maintain, you could go for the one that comes in pristine chrome finish!

2. Electric Heated Towel Rail

Looking to create an incredible focal point in your bathroom?

Well, you can never go wrong with an electric heated towel rail – not only do these heating units look fantastic but they’re also highly practical and efficient.

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More to the point, these heated towel rails have recently become the most popular product for compact bathrooms, thanks to their amazing efficiency and visual appearance. Since it comes with 14 elegant curved bars, this designer towel radiator looks fabulous in any type of bathroom, giving you ample space to hang towels.

The best part about this heating system is that it’s also available in an appealing chrome finish; this guarantees a bathroom that’s both comfortable and stylish.

3. Vertical Designer Radiator

If you want ultraheat radiators that are eye catching and beautiful, then a vertical designer radiator is the perfect choice for compact spaces.

These ultraheat compact radiators are designed in such a way that, when installed properly, they can become the focal point of that room – thanks to their appealing and tall body!

Moreover, it’s tall, designer and vertical look helps you show your guest the design path you’ve chosen for your interiors. It also helps generate a sufficient amount of heat, so much so that it can warm up the entire room and even your hallway.

4. Double Panel Radiator

An incredible and space saving option, double panel radiators come in a beautiful, sleek and chic finish; this is what makes them the perfect and trendy option for your compact home.

Similar to horizontal column radiators, even these renewable heating units can be installed under your window or television.

Additionally, their double panel offers exceptional surface temperature and heating capacity, making them the most durable, water resistant and worthwhile investment.

Final Thoughts – Best Compact Radiators for Small Spaces

Transforming a compact room in your apartment or home into something trendy and chic is no mean feat!

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You need to be a bit creative to achieve efficiency and interior styling all at the same time – and the minimalist radiators mentioned above help you with just that. Not only do they make your room warm and cosy during chilly days but also take the overall appearance a notch higher.

These radiator designs and models are all designer and create a stunning focal point when installed properly.

Since they’re slimmer and sleek than most conventional radiators, they tend to occupy very little space. This is one of the best reasons why compact radiators are known to be a space saving option.

To Conclude

We hope that this list of space saving designer radiators helps you with the redesigning of your home.

However, apart from these models, there are more such options with elegant designs available out there. You need to ensure that you aren’t compromising on its heating capacity over its design, especially if you have space issues.

While choosing a compact radiator, do look at its model, design, heating capacity, overall performance and of course, your heating needs!

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