How to Buy the Best Dining Room Table

The dining table is the centerpiece in dining room design. It works together with the overhead lighting to define and decorate the eating area in a home.

Though your home’s space and layout are the primary considerations for dining room furniture, there are many other things to inspect when shopping for the best dining room table.

For instance, your home’s theme may require a particular style. Similarly, the shape of your dining space may demand a specific table shape.

So how do you tell if a table fits your space? What are some primary factors to look at?

How to Tell if a Dining Room Table Fits Your Design

The best dining room table for your home has the following traits:

1) It occupies your space properly without interfering with other elements of design.

2) Is the right shape for your room (because not all shapes fit all spaces), and

3) Complements your home’s theme and layout.

There are many other considerations when picking a table for your dining area. For instance, the type & shape of stand/support, table material, and color may also influence buying decisions.

Furthermore, personal preferences and the type of dining seats you plan to pair it with may favor one piece over the others.

Best Dining Room Table: How to Choose the Right One

Before purchasing a table for your dining space, it’s crucial to confirm whether it has the properties listed above.

Other best practices to choose the right piece for your eating area include:

1.    Analyze your space to determine table shape

How to Buy the Best Dining Room Table

Analyzing space is the first step in picking furniture because choosing the wrong shape can lead to grave design mistakes.

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When analyzing space to determine the right table shape, check for the following factors:

●      Is my room square or rectangular?

If the space is square-shaped, go for a round table. In contrast, rectangular rooms look better in oval or rectangular dining tables.

●      How large is the space?

Large spaces require oval tables or long rectangular tables that occupy significant room. Often, the round table is considered the best approach for small dining spaces.

2.    Which style are you after?

Are you after a casual feel, or would you like a more sophisticated, formal, yet cozy look?

There are myriad furniture types for both. For example, you can go for tables with curvy legs and edges to achieve a casual appeal. However, if you prefer something more modern, consider the straight-legged versions with sharp edges.

The table material also falls under style. Though some designs look better in all-wooden versions, others would savor the beauty of metallic legs or glass top types.

3.    Table legs/supports

Next, you want to consider the table leg design because it may impact the arrangement.

There are three (or even more) styles in table leg design:

  • Pedestal: This is the single-standing leg common in round dining tables.
  • Trestle: This design may have other pieces of wood running across or along the table legs for design and support purposes.
  • Free-standing legs. Freestanding supports are the most common. These tables have four supports, each standing solo at a corner.

When choosing the table leg, consider your design, dining room space, and seat arrangement. If your seats must remain tucked under the table, avoid trestle types as these may obstruct your arrangement.

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If you have limited space, consider a pedestal stand as they offer plenty of room and may accommodate even more seats.

How to Buy the Best Dining Room Table

4.    Inspect table sturdiness and durability

Another crucial consideration is the table’s functionality and durability. You want to pick a set that’s resilient to everyday use and will serve you for a long time.

When checking for sturdiness and durability, inspect stuff like the material used in building the table. Consider a material that won’t wear and tear after a short period.

You can also check how strong the joints are and whether the table sits steadily on all fours legs.

5.    Which seats do you plan to pair it with?

Your dining area must have a complete design. Therefore, if you prefer buying seats separately, it’s crucial to figure out how they’ll get along with your table.

Though most homeowners prefer buying complete sets, design freaks would rather purchase these separately for a custom look.  If you’re that kind of person, make sure you have in mind the types of seats you’ll need when shopping for a table.

Final Words on Choosing the Best Dining Room Table

The best dining table for one home may not fit into another design. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider these important factors when shopping for yours.

Remember, the table’s shape must match your space and layout. Also, the material and style must blend into your interior design. Lastly, consider the table leg and how it will affect your space and arrangement.

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