How to Choose the Best Outdoor Planters to Add Beauty To Your Home?

A group of BEST potted plants in front of a house.

Outdoor planters offer easy, space-saving, and spruce gardening you can introduce to your patios, rails, balconies, and decks.

Adding a collection of pretty planters or flower boxes seems pretty nice, however finding the best ones for your home exterior asks for your little consideration. This is because the apparently solid planters may not be able to withstand extreme weather and can end up with a mess of dirt all around. In addition, some of them may be too small to support the thriving plant. This is what you will never want in your home garden.

So, before going to order some planters to satisfy your gardening passion, heed some factors that will lead you towards the most durable and inviting outdoor planters.

Choose the Best Outdoor Planters and Flower Boxes

Even if you have no ideal space for gardening in your littlest apartment, you can still seed your passion with the plants or vegetables of your choice. As we all know, adjustment is the key to thrive our pleasures and it is easy to introduce some large outdoor planters to have beautiful green potted masterpieces within days.

Besides, you can also get a variety of pots to seed plants individually and place them in a porch, balcony, or terrace. However, what about balcony or window railings? These are also happy places for plants to thrive as they are exposed to sunlight more than indoor plants. So, introduce flower boxes on railings and plant different varieties of flowers or fillers to add lush greenery to your apartment.

Below are some factors you need to consider before choosing outdoor planters, rail top planters, window boxes, and deck planters to end up with durable, stylish, and handy add-ons to maintain the curb appeal of your residence.


Outdoor planters come in a variety of styles and designs perfect to suit your home exterior. Most of the time, various classic planter designs are paired with specific material types. In addition, the chances are that the most elegant and beautifully engraved outdoor planters use the material with the least integrity and durability. Therefore, the point here is not to compromise material quality over design rather choose the planters with a decent design finish and excellent material quality.

In case you are unable to decide the best gardening add-on, you can also enjoy the option of customized planter designs. At present, various services are available out there to serve you with selectable material quality, type, and finishing design. Go for the one that perfectly fits your exterior home space and outdoor environment.


When it comes to the size of outdoor planters, railing planters, or deck masterpieces, you need to consider the overall dimensions of the pot. First, measure your home exterior space available for planting and decide where and how you will place the planters to catch the sight of neighbors and guests.

Therefore, if you want to place the planters along the walkways or porch, small pots are good to go as they will allow easy foot traffic and adds beauty to the way. However, if you want to cover the lawn space, larger planters with classic designs will be an aesthetic choice to add. However, the type of plant will decide the height of the planter to host the plant roots and provide enough space for watering.

Plant Type

Decide whether you will incorporate spillers, fillers, or thrillers into outdoor planters. Spillers create extending spills over the edges of planters, fillers are best to occupy the empty space available, and thrillers are rapidly growing plants. These are the most common kinds of gardening plants people consider for home decor. 

However, you can also introduce seasonal plants, herbs, or shrubs to soothe your visual often. Considering the specific plant type to grow has an exclusive impact on the purchase of planters. This is because traditional gardening plants have growing limits and controlled root growth and hence can be incorporated into small planters. However, seasonal or ever-lasting plants require specific dimensions of planters to achieve maximum height and root growth


Now the kind of material that a particular planter uses comes into play. There are a huge variety of materials available used to make outdoor, indoor, and deck planters also including window boxes and railing planters to hang on. Each material type has its own advantages and drawbacks that should be considered to proceed with the planter purchase.

For example, wood planters can rotten in the long run and can block the growing roots. On the other side, metal planters or window boxes can be rusted and ruin the roots upon regular contact with water and environmental humidity. Similarly, planters made of ceramics, PVC, and porcelain also have some downsides. 

Explore all their possible drawbacks, your regional climate, and the location where you want to place the planters before going to add them.

Drainage System

Looking for the drainage system and the location of planter placement in your home exterior are other obvious factors to consider. Drainage holes located at the bottom of planters allow the extra water to leave the pot and provide enough aeration to thrive the plant. So, select the planter with a drainage system that correlates with your watering routine. 

As if you are habitual of watering plants on daily basis, select the planters with larger drainage holes. On the other side, if you have a busy schedule and don’t have time to water the plants, put your hands on the planters with smaller holes. This way, they will retain most of the water inside the pot and maintains the moisture to support the plant for weeks.

Exposure to Environment

The environmental factors including weather extremes, sunlight exposure, and humidity levels all have a major impact on the selection of suitable and durable planters. So, if your home exterior faces long term cold or hot weather conditions, you should not compromise the material quality of the planter. 

Look for the weather-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and solid planters that can say no to breakage. Similarly, sunlight exposure to your gardening add-ons also matters in the way that direct sunrays can cause damage to planters.

Ease of Mobility

Think of the mobility of outdoor planters if you are keen of changing the arrangements of gardening plants. The giant and heavy planters will remain in the place where you set them up. So, there will be no chance of moving the planters to adjust to the sunlight or to hide them from storms. 

Therefore, smaller or square planters are easy to move around. However, if you want to cultivate mixed varieties of plants together or try to fit different colors in one picture, larger or rectangular planters are best to incorporate into your home exterior. But in this case, you will not be able to change the position around the balcony or porch.

So, it’s critical to set your preferences about your dream planters before deciding to order them.

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