How To Decorate Your Garden On A Budget

How to decorate your small backyard on a budget.

Gardens are a beautiful but easily neglected part of your home. One day you look out your window and think that you are living in a paradise of mown grass and bright flowers but, the next time you step outside, the place looks more like an overgrown wilderness than the garden of eden. 

When times are hard and purses are stretched, it can be difficult to keep on top of maintenance, let alone turn your garden into a tranquil, relaxing space. Fence repairs, repotting plants, weeding, composting; these chores can be expensive and difficult to fit into a busy week. Fear not! I have compiled a list of ways you can spruce up your garden with some new features, turning gardening from an arduous, dull task to an exciting project. Better still, you can do so without breaking the bank!


Gabions are welded wire cages filled up with hard materials like concrete or stone, creating a dense, porous, brick-like structure. Since they vary so much in shape and size, they can be used for a multitude of purposes to suit the needs of your garden. Commonly, gabions are used to construct thick, sturdy walls but, if you are inventive, they can be used in other areas too. You might want to use them as the base of a bench, or perhaps as a border to contain a soil bed for your plants. Not only are gabions very sturdy and require little maintenance once erected (virtually guaranteed not to blow over in a storm), but they offer excellent drainage. So if you live somewhere with adverse weather conditions they are a great option. 

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The best part? They are incredibly cheap and can be made at home. Their inner materials can be sourced at rock bottom prices from any local construction companies or even recycled from any building projects at your home. So look no further for a cost-effective, low-maintenance building material. 

A budget-friendly backyard with a raised garden bed.

Be inventive

One man’s trash is another man’s (or woman’s for that matter) treasure. The saying has become something of a cliché over the years but, with the right treatment, you can turn items destined for the dumpster into wonderful features that transform your garden into a scene from a Roald Dahl novel. Old containers of any kind –watering cans, work boots, cooking pots, old sinks– can be turned into quirky plant pots with just a bit of soil and some seeds. Whether there to store some homegrown herbs or for purely decorative purposes, these makeshift flower pots will give character to your garden. 

Budget-friendly patio furniture with a table, chairs, and a rug.

If there is some spare wood from that DIY project you never got round to, you can build and install a trellis or, for the more advanced craftspeople, a pergola. If you choose the right plants to grow through them, these wooden structures will provide an elegant focal point to your garden and some shade for the hot summer days. 

Choose the right plants

Key to spicing up your outdoor aesthetics is choosing the right vegetation. Make sure to plant at the right time of the year and to bring more delicate plants inside during the cold winter months. Where possible, select plants native to your home region and allow wildflowers to thrive, within reason of course! 

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A budget-friendly wooden cart filled with pots of flowers for garden decoration.

Employ these ideas and reclaim your outdoor space. Share your budget gardening tips in the comments below! 

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