How Vent Filters Help Boost Home Air Quality

A man installing a vent filter in a ceiling.

Your indoor air should be fresh and clean, but when filters for air vents are not functioning correctly, you will notice some dust in the air in direct sunlight. The dusty air enters the rooms and could cause the family allergic reactions and respiratory diseases.

The good news is that having HVAC vent filters can help with boosting your indoor air. The air filters ensure no dust particles are entering your home, reducing the chances of getting allergies and asthma.

There are different types of vent filters, and the choice of what to buy depends on the homeowner’s preference. We will discuss these different types later in the article and the benefits of having them. But before that, you first need to understand what vent filters are and how they work.

What Are Vent Filters?

When you look at your AC vent or duct vent, you can see a soft piece of material placed within the system. It is the vent filters that are made from different materials. Depending on your preference, you can buy one made from foam, material, or fiber.

When buying the vent filters, always ensure you get the best. If you are unsure of the filters to buy, contact Clover Services for guidance.

When fitting the vent filters to your duct vent, you can stretch them to fit the vent’s opening. Alternatively, you can cut the material to your desired size. Most homeowners confuse HVAC filters with vent filters, but these two are different.

The HVAC filters filter the air that passes through your HVAC system. These filters are fixed at the opening of the central air system and can run with the help of other filters. However, HVAC filters perform best when working alone.

On the other hand, you cannot fix vent filters at one point in the home. You need the filters for every vent in your home. Distributing them all over ensures the homeowner gets the same effect in all the rooms.

The good news about vent filters is that you can clean and maintain them. The filters are easy to remove and return to the system. You can remove dust and debris on them, reducing the need to call a professional for cleaning, which costs money.

How Do Dust Control Vent Filters Work?

Vent filters are at the last point of the air passage in the central air system of your home. Although there are other filters in the system’s opening, the vent filters get the final opportunity to clean the air thoroughly.

Vent installers fix these filters on the system’s external point, but you can hardly see them. Air is pushed through all the parts of the central air system until it enters your room, and the same happens to it when passing through the vent filters.

Air in the system meets the vent filters in the final stages of being blown into the rooms. Before entering the room, the fabric or foam-like material traps any extra soil, dust, debris, and other impurities. Therefore, the homeowners breathe very clean air, free from contamination.

 Although vent filters effectively remove dust and other impurities in the air, they are not as good as other filters with a MERV rating. These filters work best when used with other filters to provide cleaner air.

Benefits of Vent Filters

Since you know what vent filters are and how they work, you probably are curious to know the benefits. Besides filtering the air, the other benefits will help you understand what to expect with your vent filters. Some of them are;

1. They Protect the Air System

The vent filters have a fabric or foam-like material that blocks objects from entering the system. Besides, you can find lost items because they fall on the grate. Therefore, the filters protect the air system from contamination and damage by foreign objects.

2. Prevent Migration of Insects into the System

Small insects and crawling animals easily enter the air system through the tiny pores of the other filters. However, since the vent filters are made from thin fabrics, insects can hardly pass through into the air system.

3. Lengthen Your Duct Work’s Lifespan

The vent filters protect the entry of dust into the HVAC units, meaning it will last longer. Some systems don’t work well when dusty, leading to high maintenance costs.

Besides, the vent filters are easy to remove and maintain. You can also easily replace them, unlike other types of filters.

Do Vent Filters Work?

Yes! Vent filters work by trapping thin dust particles that have passed the other filters. However, these filters are not the best choice to improve your home’s air quality.

The HVAC filter system is better at improving the air quality because they have different MERV ratings. Therefore, you can buy HVAC filters with the highest MERV rating if you think the quality of your home’s air is poor.

Although the HVAC filters are more expensive, they are effective. The installers fix them at the air source, meaning the air is clean until it gets into the rooms. You should also consider replacing the old and worn-out filters because they could lead to inefficiency in the system.

Should You Change Your Vent Filters?

Vent filters ensure you and your family breathe clean air. To maintain the air quality, homeowners should change their filters once every two months. However, you can shorten the periods between cleaning if you have pets or have just renovated your home.

Pets release a lot of fur in the air that is likely to stick to the filters. Also, if you live in an area high in pollen grains, more allergies will happen to the family members. Ensure you change the vent filters more frequently to be safer.

The Pros and Cons of Using Air Vent Filters

So, now that we know what air vent filters are and how they work, let’s talk about the pros and cons of using them. First off, the good stuff. One big advantage of using air vent filters is that they can help improve the air quality in your home. They trap dust, pollen, pet dander, and other allergens, preventing them from circulating in the air and causing allergies or respiratory issues. Plus, if you have pets, the filters can also help reduce pet odors.

Another pro is that these filters are pretty easy to install. You can simply slide them into your existing vents without needing any special tools or skills. And they come in different sizes, so you can easily find one that fits your vents perfectly.

Now, let’s move on to the not-so-great things about using air vent filters. One downside is that they need regular maintenance. You’ll have to clean or replace them every few months to ensure they keep working effectively. Also, some people might find that the filters restrict airflow a bit, which could lead to decreased efficiency of your HVAC system. So, it’s important to consider these factors before deciding if air vent filters are right for you.

Final Words

Air vent filters are super important for keeping the air in your home nice and clean. You know, the ones that go in your central air system? They’re like little superheroes that trap all the yucky stuff floating around, like dust and pollen and even pet fur. Can you imagine all that gross stuff just floating around in your air? Yuck! But with a good air vent filter, you can say goodbye to all that icky stuff.

Plus, these filters don’t just make your air cleaner, they also help your central air system last longer. That’s right, they’re like a double whammy of goodness! But here’s the thing, if your home’s air is still not clean enough even with a regular air vent filter, then you might want to consider getting some HVAC filters instead.

These bad boys are even more powerful and can really tackle those tough-to-remove particles in the air. So, if you want to breathe easier and keep your central air system happy and healthy, make sure you have the right kind of filter for your home!

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