8 Telltale Signs That Are Begging You to Sell Your House

A person signing a document to sell their house.

Have you been eyeing that house at the end of the street? Do you get the urge to check out any house with a ‘For Sale’ sign? Your subconscious is probably begging you to move houses.

Once a house has given you everything it has to offer and you start losing interest, making that change is inevitable and necessary.

Still not sure whether you should be making that change or not? Here are eight signs that are begging you to sell your house.

Are You Scared of Putting Your House on Sale?

When a house has outstayed its welcome, signs crop up telling you that it’s time for a change. A house owner can instinctively feel when they should sell their house.

You might choose to ignore the signs and your intuition when you still feel a strong emotional attachment to your home.

Other reasons why you might be reluctant to sell are those common fears that every house owner has – when will my house sell, how long will it stay on the list, or when will I get cash?

If you have those fears, there is still hope for you. Did you know that some legit home buyers will buy your house in its current condition for cash?

Yes, not every house buyer who claims “We buy houses fast and as-is” is a scam. By choosing the right buyer, you can get a quick cash offer, without having to hire a realtor.

Are These Signs Telling You to Sell Your House?

If you are not aware of the telltale signs, you can’t make an informed decision. Whether you are afraid to sell or not, you need to know whether it is time to make that change. So, how do you know when it’s time to say goodbye to your house?

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1. You Daydream About Another House

Is every other house catching your eye? Do you find yourself going through listings every time you get a break? Is that urge to get into that open house becoming difficult to fight? Then it’s definitely time to sell your house.

A strong desire to ‘cheat’ on your current house is never a good sign. It means it’s time you both see newer companions. That creeping dissatisfaction with your house can grow over time.

Don’t feel guilty. If you are not happy, there is no point in sticking to your old house. When you are subconsciously looking for another abode, it simply means you’ve gotten all that you could from your current house. There is no logic behind staying somewhere just for sentimental reasons.

2. The Maintenance Is a Struggle

Let’s say you bought a house in your younger years when its charms outweighed the drawbacks. Even if maintenance was difficult, you could manage it since you loved the house so much.

When we are younger, we have more energy and motivation to do things. As we grow older, even the easiest tasks can become difficult.

With the passing years, the house became older too, and maintenance became more inconvenient. If you are unable to maintain the house, its value will fall further. Living in a poorly-maintained house can be unbearable. 

Why struggle with maintenance when you can simply move to another house? Instead of letting the value of your current house drop further, sell it quickly and move to a house that is more convenient to maintain.

3. Your Growing Family Needs More Space

A common problem many house owners face is not having enough space to facilitate their growing family.

Perhaps you bought a house when you had one child, thinking you wouldn’t have more than two in the future. But now you have four with the fifth one on the way. This calls for buying a home that can accommodate more people.

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More people also mean more things, especially when you have little children. A growing family needs more space. You might even want to change neighborhoods, especially when you take things like good schools and lower cost of living into consideration.

This is why many families move from apartments in the city to houses in the suburbs. A larger house might be difficult to maintain, but living in an overcrowded house shouldn’t be an option. 

4. You Have Grown Tired of It

Do you look for excuses to not go home? Living in the same house can get boring sometimes. One vital sign that you are tired of your house is that you don’t want to spend any time indoors.

Your house is your safe haven. It is the place you want to return to at the end of the day. If no amount of rearrangement and redecoration helps, you have to accept that it’s time to say goodbye.

What is the point of living in a house that makes you not want to come home? When your house has become that unappealing, you must make the difficult change. Sell it so that you can move to a home you can’t wait to return to.

5. Renovation Won’t Help

Once the dissatisfaction with your house kicks in, the first thing that comes to mind is renovation. When you brainstorm and fail to find a change that will make your house more appealing, sell your house. If renovation will not make it better for you, chances are it won’t appeal to others as well.

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Some people think that they have to renovate their house before they put it on the market. But, you must analyze whether the renovation will actually add value to your house.

Imagine spending a lot of money to make changes, yet failing to sell your house at a higher price. Do some research and if possible, get your house evaluated by a realtor. Only remodel if it adds value to your house; otherwise, just sell it.

6. Your House Can Sell Well on the Market

Have you been keeping an eye on your local housing market? If you see that the current conditions are favorable for sellers, you should consider selling your house. If the market has a high demand for houses, but less supply available, yours will sell quickly.

Even if you think that you are not emotionally ready for a sale, a booming market should make you rethink.

Consult with a realtor about whether to consider spending some money on curb appeal. If you think adding some aesthetic value will make your house sell better, do so before the market condition worsens. 

Put your house on the market at the right time so that it doesn’t stay stuck on the listings for too long.

7. Your Lifestyle Has Changed

Is your retirement approaching? Are your children moving away to college? Has a change of employment affected your finances? If a sudden change in lifestyle has made your house more inconvenient to keep, sell it.

Lifestyle changes can come at any time. Whether you move to a better job or give birth to another child, you might need to move to another house.

If your current house cannot facilitate your new lifestyle, it has to go. Don’t try to adjust your new life to your old home. Why live in discomfort or inconvenience if you can have a more suitable abode?

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Some people consider remodeling over moving, but you must consider whether spending more money would be worth it. If you can move to a new house at a lower price, why go through the hassle of remodeling?

8. You Can Afford Better

Have you gotten that much-awaited promotion? Is your financial status better than before? If you have the money for it, why not move to another house?

When you buy your first house, you are just starting out. As you climb up the ladder, the money you make also increases. Once you have paid off the mortgage and can consider buying a better house, sell your current one.

Imagine having to bring in your high-maintenance friends or colleagues into your “humble abode.” Do you really want to be prey to their judgment? If your current lifestyle and earnings call for a change of home, you should comply!

If you have managed to retain the value of your house, you will be able to sell it at a higher price. This means that you can spend more on your new house. Why not make that move while you can afford it?


Have you noticed any of these signs that are begging you to sell your house? If so, then consider making the move. Selling your house is a great way to have a fresh new start, especially when your lifestyle needs that change.

Don’t continue living in your current home if it makes you unhappy. Sell your house fast and find your dream home. If you find yourself looking at new houses too often, it’s probably time to make a change.

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