Remodeling Ideas that Will Boost Your Property Value

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If you are on a quest to find a buyer for your property, you naturally wish your lovely house to fetch the highest price possible. And if you are working on a budget, you are probably thinking that this is virtually impossible.

However, the truth is that you can remodel your home without making a huge investment but still increasing its value. Here are a few suggestions on how to achieve this:

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Spring cleaning

Whether we realize it or not, the first thing everybody notices when entering someone’s house for the first time is if it is neat. Although it sounds judgmental, we will naturally first glance at a pile of clothes thrown over a chair, and only after that will we note the exquisite carpet or a lamp. The same applies to potential buyers coming to take a look at your house.

Use this opportunity to tidy up all the places which you avoided for years – throw away everything unnecessary from your basement and declutter your attic. You will not only transform those rooms into appealing storage places, but you will be satisfied that you accomplished something you have been postponing for so long. The next thing is to clean every nook and cranny until the place is spotless. And don’t forget to add some colors! Re-painting the walls will rejuvenate your home.

Remodeling ideas for a bathroom with black and white tiled walls.

Bathroom remodeling

When thinking about bathroom renovation, most people go for luxurious bathtubs. However, this installation might require serious changes to the plumbing. If you are uncertain about the profitability of this remodeling, you can always consult professionals, which is a typical practice for big real estate markets such as Australia. Listen carefully to their advice since you can bet that your average buyer would seek advice from a property buyers’ agent in Sydney or any other city to help them find the perfect home.

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If you are on a budget, what you can do is scrub the grout and all the tiles, and you will already see a significant difference in the appearance of the bathroom. Also, if there is a part of the wall that is not covered in tiles, think about painting it in some bright color to make the room appear more spacious. Naturally, make sure you fix all the leaks, but it is advisable to leave this task to a plumber.

Remodeling ideas for a kitchen with white cabinets and a wooden counter top.

Kitchen renovation

Unless your house is in an up-and-coming neighborhood, there is really no need for a kitchen equipped with high-end appliances. It doesn’t need to resemble a restaurant kitchen, it is supposed to be a kitchen for a family: roomy and functional. An ultra-modern kitchen which stands out from the rest of the house will seem cold and sterile instead of being inviting.

So, forget about knocking down walls, installing bars and other large undertakes, and breathe some life into it by using colors. Also, instead of buying gadgets prospective buyers will not know how to use, nor will they ever need, think in terms of energy-efficient appliances. Don’t put huge unpractical kitchen cabinets which might look nice but whose upper parts are almost unusable without a ladder. Make it cozy and practical since that is how a family kitchen should be.

A white kitchen with wooden floors and a dining table, perfect for remodeling ideas.

Energy-efficient additions

As people are becoming more eco-conscious, any energy-efficient additions are more than welcome. It is wise to start with windows since there is no point in wasting your money on good heating solutions if the windows are old and drafty. Before making this investment, do thorough research on the types of frames and glass and cross-reference what you found interesting with your budget. This is how you will get a perfect match for you.

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Another good solution for staying warm in wintertime is insulation. Places around doors, electrical sockets, as well as attics and basements, are notorious for letting in air. Make sure everything is sealed well and if you wish to be completely certain that you don’t have any undetected hot or cold air leaks, you can purchase a programmable thermostat which will monitor the situation for you. Also, consider replacing all your regular lightbulbs with CFL ones if you wish to save energy.

Since millennials will most likely be those who are on the hunt for the perfect home, you shouldn’t even consider a large-scale renovation. They are very mindful of the environment and they are on a search for an energy-efficient house more than any luxurious mansion. With this in mind, your house’s remodeling motto should be: simple and efficient.

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