Longevity of a Wooden House

A woman sitting on the porch of a small wooden house.

A wooden house is like a dream come true as it’s comfortable, beautiful and very sustainable. However, while planning for a wooden house, the constant question is, how long will it last?.

Honestly, a wooden house can last for a good 100-150 years. The only trick is to take necessary care. So, let’s look at all the aspects that will give you an idea about the longevity of wooden houses.

Pre Treatment of Wood

Pre-treatment of wooden logs can drastically improve the life of wooden homes. One of the essential methods is wood dying. Drying wood for a considerable time by methods like air drying or kiln drying makes it very potent. In addition, proper air drying, timely cutting, and storage reduce the movement of wood panels in house due to expansion and contraction.

The process removes all moisture and makes it light. Also, the wood becomes less susceptible to pests and insects. Log cabins for sale are generally kiln-dried for achieving perfect moisture content for house construction. So, ensure that your log cabins are dried so you can make a durable wooden home.

Treatment of Wooden Houses

You must ensure timely treatment of wooden houses for longer life. Some timely steps will make log cabins potent against all damaging factors. 

Some of the necessary treatments are:

Water Repellent Coatings

Use water repellent coatings to avoid dampness and moisture. It creates a hydrophobic surface that doesn’t let water enter the wood. It’s very effective and increases the life of log cabins even more.

Use Transparent Iron Oxide

Transparent iron oxide protects timber from UV lights. It will make your log cabin always look new and fresh. It doesn’t let the wood lose its colour and shine, and it provides excellent protection against harmful UV light.

Use Fungicides

Use fungicides to prevent decay and fungal activities. Various pre-mixed borate chemicals solve this issue effectively. In addition, they are affordable, so make your wooden house fungus proof now.

Treat With Antiseptics

Treat your wooden house with antiseptics. You can do it once in a while as it has a long-lasting effect. Antiseptics prevent wood rotting considerably. Also, it protects from insects and avoids allergies.

Another benefit is that it stops wood movement from extreme weather leading to breakouts, expansion and contraction. Also, it keeps wooden cabins warmer in the winters.

Advantages of log Cabins

With proper pre and post-treatment log cabins, you can drastically improve its longevity. What makes the log cabins best are their unmatchable advantages. Some of them are:

  • Log cabins are eco friendly.
  • It has a negligible carbon footprint.
  • They work as natural insulators.
  • They are energy efficient as they heat up or cool down quickly. 
  • Log cabins are very affordable.
  • Wooden houses are customizable.
  • Wooden houses are a one-stop solution to a soundproof house.
  • These houses naturally become warm in winters and colder in the summertime.
  • The ventilation system and air purification system in a wooden house is good for health.

Let’s Wrap it

Wooden houses are a delight. More and more people are turning to log cabins due to their immeasurable properties. So, take proper care of your wooden house to spend a relaxing time forever.

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