Remodelling a Small Kitchen

Does this sound familiar? A narrow room, units taking up the walls either side, doors blocking the way and other growing frustrations. While most of us dream of large, light-filled, spacious rooms where you can entertain, this isn’t always achievable. Yet, that’s not the end of the world, as we have put together a range of ideas to help you make the most of even the most tiny space.

Take a look at what you’re already working with

You may have already considered extending your room and knocking through to another, yet if this isn’t possible it isn’t the end of the world. There are other options.

Take time to consider enhancing all of your available space, and we mean absolutely every inch, in the most practical way. Ensuring that your kitchen is planned out cleverly will ensure that your renovation project runs smoothly and that there isn’t room for any hiccups along the way.

Step back and look at your kitchen as a whole, including any windows and door openings. Could you move a wall to create a new, better opening? If so, do this early before the kitchen is designed. However, think carefully before moving any plumbing and electrics as this can cost a substantial amount.

Take Time to Declutter

Of course, this applies to any home renovation but is even more important when remodelling a small kitchen. Taking the time to declutter what you don’t need in your kitchen can free up much needed space.

Decide on the Kitchen Layout

When working with a small kitchen, you’ll find that gallery and L-shaped layouts always work best. Both will provide you with practical storage and prep space and everything will always be close to hand.

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A gallery layout will have two runs of parallel units, with the sink area on one side and the oven on the other, with plenty of storage on either side. One important point to consider when designing a gallery kitchen in a small space is to not include a run of tall cabinets, as this can make the space feel smaller and more enclosed. Instead, opt for full-height cabinets at one end with appliances integrated into lower units around the rest of the space. 

If You Want an Island – Choose the Right One

A green kitchen island in a modern kitchen.
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When you have a smaller kitchen, it may seem as though having an island is almost impossible. However, an L-shaped can be a great idea to offer this solution. A typical island can take up lots of space in a smaller kitchen, yet what is known as a peninsula, or the shorter part of the ‘L’, can be a much better use of space. 

Even if you choose a peninsula and find yourself struggling for space, why not opt for a moveable trolley, butcher’s block or a pull-out worktop? Each can act as an excellent additional workspace and can easily be stowed away when not in use.

Keep the Space Light

If you are desperate for a dark colour in your kitchen, then you are better off saving it for another space. If you are working with a smaller space, it is always best to choose lighter paint colours. By doing this, you will instantly add a feeling of extra space, as the light colour will reflect lots of light. 

Choose the Right Appliances

In a small kitchen, you have to be savvier with your appliances. It is best to choose built-in appliances rather than freestanding ones. Make sure to also only choose the key electrics you’ll need everyday and take time to look for more multifunctional and compact designs.

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Have Fun With Finishes

Make sure to spend your time carefully choosing the finishing touches of your new kitchen to maximise the illusion of a larger space. Factors such as colours, choice of finish (e.g. gloss or matt), work surfaces, tiling and flooring will all impact the feeling of space. What’s more, simple tricks such as choosing reflective surfaces can help make your smaller kitchen feel bigger. 

Smaller kitchens can be challenging, but with some careful planning and consideration, you’ll be able to maximise every last bit of space without compromising in your dream kitchen. Take a look at the above tips and see how much usable space you can create. After all, great things come in small packages, don’t they!

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