Spice up Your Quarantine with a Renovation by a Trusted Toronto Landscaping Company

Renovation of a home with a pool and a covered patio.

Thanks to the lockdown brought on by COVID, you, like many other Torontonians, are probably spending a lot more time at home than you usually would. Before, your home was a getaway after a long day of work or going out. However, you now spend all of your time there – especially if you must now work from home. 

Make the space you’ll be spending more of your time for the foreseeable future an inviting and comfortable place you want to be in with a renovation from a reliable Toronto landscaping company.  

A great place to start is the backyard. Whether you need a space to exercise or just lounge, the right contractor can help you create a dream backyard to make your self-isolation more enjoyable. 

At M.E. Contracting, your trusted Toronto landscaping company, we are devoted to making your ideal backyard. For over 15 years, we have been bringing our client’s dream projects into reality. Our experience has led to us working on a wide range of diverse projects, so you can rest assured that there is no project too big or too complicated for our team of experts. We offer professional landscaping services, pool construction, outdoor kitchens, decking, and more. 

As an example of the excellence you can expect from M.E. Contracting, the premier Toronto landscaping company, we have chosen one of our favourite projects we have recently completed. 

A Standout Toronto Landscaping Company Project

A client in Etobicoke wanted their backyard wholly redone. They already had a large concrete pool installed, so we worked around it and made it the focal point.  

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This backyard, found in Etobicoke’s old-growth section, provided us with a tremendous challenge that we happily took on as we had to build around the pre-existing concrete pool. Along with the homeowners, we designed some unique stone-work and crafted a deluxe PVC deck accessible from multiple levels. The pool shed, which included a bar and washroom/change room, was also specially designed for this property. 

Here are each of the notable features we added broken down so you can see the thought process that went into each step: 

Pool Shed/Bar

We worked alongside the homeowners to make a one of a kind pool shed to accompany the pool. The design is minimalist and modern, an aesthetic choice we used for the entire backyard. 

At first glance, the pool shed may seem like a simple gazebo attached to a small room. However, upon closer inspection, you can see a chandelier hanging over a dining table with a wooden wall that travels along the back of the structure to provide privacy and prevent wind from blowing in. The room attached to the gazebo includes a bar with a washroom and changing room inside, making this the perfect setting for an outdoor get together. 

Our Toronto landscaping company offers extensive woodworking services. We take all of your ideas and suggestions into consideration, so you have a fantastic custom addition for your home. We create top of the line gazebos, pergolas, or any other wooden structure you would like to add to your property.

Renovation of a small patio with pool and patio furniture.

PVC Deck

Along the outside of their home, we worked with the homeowner to design a luxurious PVC deck accessible from multiple levels and entryways into the house. The deck has glass barriers and is large enough for a large seating area and a barbeque while still having room to spare. 

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We have a dedicated deck design and building team that pride themselves on keeping up with the deck industry’s latest and most significant trends. They are up to date with everything from outdoor bars and kitchens to fireplaces, jacuzzis, pools, and so much more. Thanks to their extensive knowledge, we can give any property a modern and contemporary feel.

The design of your deck is the first step and most crucial step of the planning process. A great looking deck is one thing, but having one built for you and your needs is what will make it worth the investment. Our team will work with you before the construction process begins, so you feel confident that you will enjoy the new addition to your home. 


To finish off their back yard, we did some professional landscaping, including lining the back fence with some young trees – making this a rare occasion where our work will get better with age. 

At M.E. Contracting, a leading Toronto landscaping company, we have worked with clients for over ten years to bring them their dream property. All of our landscaping services are available to everyone as we tailor them to any budget. We are a one-stop-shop for all landscaping needs you may have. We use time-honored supplies, designs, and processes while also evolving to creatively integrate the latest eco-friendly technologies and options in every project we take on. 

Renovation: A renovated gazebo with a fire pit in the middle of the yard.

Your Toronto Landscaping Company

Our team will work with you on each step of your project, so your backyard turns out precisely the way you want it. M.E. Contracting’s goal is to leave you with a project you can proudly show off that will also increase your home’s price by dramatically upping its curb appeal. Not only do we promise you a breathtaking backyard, but we will also make sure it is low maintenance. 

How to Design and Build Your Own Custom Home

If you are looking to build a custom deck for your property, we offer an in-depth Toronto deck builder guide to help you find the ideal deck for you. We help you choose the perfect deck by evaluating your need for the patio, your family’s size, the expected amount of use, your property, and more.  

Call M.E. Contracting today, your trusted Toronto landscaping company, for a free consultation regarding landscaping, pool construction and installation, interlocking, woodworking, stonework and deck building, and much more. 

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