Times when you should call the carpenters

A woman measuring the floor for carpenters.

Maintaining the value of your home is as important as selecting the right home. And there is no one more important in that task than carpenters. Carpenters are there when you need them to handle a large variety of framing, installation, reconditioning, and repair work. They use staples, nails, adhesives, and other fasteners to secure wood, plastic, drywall, and other materials.

Specific Examples

New Moldings

There are so many different situations when you may need a carpenter. If you are planning to install new windows, you may also desire new frames and moldings around those windows. And if you are installing new carpets, you may choose new baseboard moldings to protect your walls from damage and increase the beauty of the work.


Carpenters are skilled at hanging doors level and ensuring that they are properly framed and secure. Carpenters rely on levels and precise measurements to complete the jobs with professional detail. They may even have a selection of quality doors for you to choose from that they purchase at wholesale discounts.

In many cases, these are a better value and product than what you might find in the stores. And because they often have decades of experience, they know how to hang doors without gaps that will cause nasty drafts and leaks. There are many cases where non-professionals have hung doors backwards, which makes them vulnerable to entry by anyone with a credit card.

Odd Jobs

There are many carpenters for hire who will even do odd jobs around your home. Whether you need a planter constructed or some shelving for a closet, basement, or attic area, carpenters are well-equipped to provide the services. If the work has anything to do with home improvement and wood, carpenters have the skill sets and tools. They use everything from circular saws to jigsaws to arc welding equipment, and everything in between.

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You may need a carpenter for something as basic as a broken piece of furniture or a busted shelve. Although carpenters don’t all have the same versatility, most are comfortable with any kind of woodwork. They know how to use wood putty and how to glue pieces of wood that are damaged. You may even hire carpenters to construct a backyard playhouse for the kids.

Building Add-Ons

Carpenters can also help homeowners who want to renovate their properties and add on new rooms or buildings. This is the most involved aspect of construction. Carpenters can obtain all the permits and work with masons, electricians, plumbers, painters, and other contractors to complete the job. Many areas require very specific building materials, slopes, and measurements that become way too voluminous and confusing for the average do-it-yourselfer to digest.

Most of the work that they do will be installing wooden concrete forms to lay a foundation or sidewalk. Then, they will construct the joists and rooves to build a unified structure. Once everything else is done, they can install the drywall and crown moldings.

Roof Repairs or Replacements

You can contract with a carpenter to build an entirely new frame for your roof or simply to replace areas that may have been damaged by leaks and weather. Some carpenters also install the insulation materials and shingles. In any regard, you can count on carpenters to choose the right materials and to complete the job with minimal inconvenience to your life.

Carpenters usually are hired to work in large groups and managed by master carpenters. Because a lot of the work is repetitive cutting, measuring, and tacking objects together, the master carpenter can read the blueprints and direct his team. Once all the work is finished, the master carpenter can inspect the quality of the work again and ensure that everything is up to code.

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Carpenters are experts at assembling decks and will often complete the jobs by staining or painting them. Constructing custom decks that withstand the weather and heavy pressures is just one of the many tasks that a carpenter can accomplish. They may use pressure-treated lumber and special types of paint that reflect heat.

Tiles and Carpeting

Residential carpenters may also offer carpet and tile installation. Because the carpet often sprawls beneath the crown moldings, it is important to have a carpenter handy who can quickly remove and replace them. Tile installation in kitchen and bathrooms also requires the same type of precision and tools as you would use when working with wood.

Assessing Damage

Carpenters are also good at assessing damages and the costs of renovations to an older home. They are familiar with wood and can determine how well the current construction in a home will last before it dry rots, splinters, or deteriorates. If your home is damaged by weather, you will often need the estimates from carpenters to determine how much the reconstructions will cost. Whether the wood is waterlogged, broken, or out of square, only a carpenter can determine the full extent of the damage.

Steel Framing

Some commercial carpenters even specialize in working with light-gauge and heavy-duty steel framing inside of buildings. Working with steel requires a different set of tools, experience, and training. The steel is usually bolted or riveted together and is not as light and pliable as wood.

Building New Homes

Carpenters can take the blueprints and turn them into the structure. They will often build up the frame, install drywall, install rooves, install tiles and carpeting, and even install the siding and insulation materials. At the heart of any home construction is a carpenter. They have the tools and skills to take your plan from square one to a complete and professionally finished structure.

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Building Sheds and Garages

Although many sheds and garages are now being constructed in factories using prefabrication methods, people still hire carpenters to construct the majority of these structures. And some carpenters may mass produce assembly-line style constructions of sheds that anyone can transport and install onto their property. Carpenters have the skills to ensure that these structures are completely waterproof and that they meet all the local codes.


Carpenters play a pivotal role in the construction business. And because housing is one of the largest investments that anyone will make in a lifetime, it is important to hire the most reputable contractors who are also known for value. A quality construction team has a broad range of experience and operates like a well-oiled machine. But no carpenter is more important than any other in the grand view. The handyman who is able to repair a broken cupboard is just as important as the carpenter who can construct an entire home.


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