What Projects To DIY And What You Need to Outsource to Maintain Your Home

As you handle a home improvement project, you should consider saving money. Well, you can DIY specific tasks, whereas you are supposed to contact a professional for others. When it comes to repairs and maintenance, the labor services offered by professionals are costly, and you may not have factored in such in your budget.

To save money while ensuring you have not undergone significant losses in the long run, in this article, we’ll focus more on the tasks that you can DIY yourself and the ones that you should consider hiring a professional. A verdict will be issued for each task.

Hanging Wallpaper

Verdict: Hire a Professional Contractor

The main issue when hanging wallpaper is that you will have a hard time matching the patterns. Two people are supposed to work together to ensure the wallpaper has been appropriately hanged. At times, there will be issues such as bubbling. In such an instance, the wallpaper should be removed and reinstalled. You may have to order more wallpaper. To avoid some of these issues, you should hire a professional contractor.

Fixing a Leaky Bathroom Pipe

Verdict: You Can DIY This

If there is a leaking pipe in your house, you will only tighten the slip-nut. You can handle such simple tasks on your own and there is no need to contact a contractor.

Getting Rid of Popcorn Ceilings

Verdict: Hire a Professional Contractor

Many people are getting rid of the popcorn ceilings. The main issue is that such tasks are messy. For starters, the popcorn should be sprayed with a softening agent. The entire surface area should then be scraped off using a blade. During the scraping process, the contractor will create holes and divots on the ceiling, and they need to be repaired using a compound that needs to be dried and sanded to be smooth. Finally, the surface must be primed and painted with at least two coats of your preferred paint color. Such tasks should be conducted with the help of a ladder. You are supposed to hire a professional who will ensure that you’ll get the desired results.

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Painting the Exterior Part of Your Home

Verdict: Hire a Professional Contractor

Painting the exterior part of your house is a cumbersome task, and you require the services of a professional who has enough experience. Ladders are also supposed to be used since the roof should also be painted depending on the type of roofing material present in your home. Ensure you have hired the right professional with enough experience and the equipment needed to handle the painting job.

Replacing the Faucet

Verdict: You Can DIY This

In this case, you are supposed to adhere to the instructions set by the manufacturer. Follow each step and you will manage to replace the faucet effectively.

Fixing the Garbage Disposal When it is Clogged

Verdict: You Can DIY This

The garbage disposal pit may be clogged. You can use a small wrench to unclog it while ensuring the disposal has been turned off.

Installing Light Fixtures

Verdict: Hire a Professional Contractor

Electrical installations and repairs are quite expensive. When you hire a contractor, it is because of their expertise and knowledge they possess with regard to electrical systems which means they can install the light fixtures well. Regardless of whether the project is low-voltage or high-voltage, hire a professional to handle the job.

Fixing A Running Toilet

Verdict: DIY the project

You can fix the toilet on your own using a rebuild kit acquired at the hardware. The instructions are straightforward and you can find it by searching the internet, You can for sure handle this job on your own.

Add Chimes to the Doorbell

Verdict: DIY This Job

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You may want to change the sound of the doorbell. In this case, you can add chimes to the current doorbell system. For such a low-voltage project, you won’t have a hard time adding chimes to the doorbells.

Install a Ceiling Fan

Verdict: Hire a Professional

It is not hard to install a ceiling fan; nonetheless, it all depends on the size and maintenance experience the contractor possesses. You should hire a contractor who will handle everything professionally.

Cleaning Gutters

Verdict: Hire a Professional

If the gutters are clogged, a pool of water will form around your house. The water may, in turn, leak into your basement, and molds will start to appear. To prevent such issues, the gutters should be cleaned regularly. Gutter cleaning companies can handle such tasks well. When you hire gutter cleaning companies with a positive reputation to handle such tasks, they will handle the task professionally. After they are done, you will not have to worry about the gutters clogging and the formation of molds because of the humid conditions.

Patching Holes In The Drywall

Verdict: DIY

As a homeowner, you can easily patch the holes present on the drywalls. You don’t need any training or prior experience. Some of the tools you need include a spackle knife and some lightweight putty. You will then scrape the excess putty from the walls. After the putty has dried, you will apply two coats of paint.

Re-Grouting Tile

Verdict: DIY

This job is easy, and you can DIY it. When handling such a project, you should know the tile grout’s surface is porous, and it leads to discoloration. The first step entails looking for the right grout. You can choose between epoxy, sanded, acrylic latex, and unsanded. You will then measure the space present between the tiles to determine the type of grout you should purchase.

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The grout color should also match. Next, the grouted area should be cleared. If there is any damaged grout, the grout saw will come in handy. A wet cloth will also come in handy as you dampen the joints. Adhere to the directions listed by the manufacturer as you mix the grout. The joints should then be filled completely. After the grout has settled completely, you should clean the entire area using a wet cloth.

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