5 Tech Accessories That Enhances Virtual Experience

A man donning tech accessories, including a vr headset on his head.

Whenever a new technology lands at our door, we couldn’t help but ask if there’s more. As soon as the public got its first taste of virtual reality, everyone’s looking forward to experiencing dreamlike things we’ve seen in sci-fi movies. With VRs great potential, it seems like we won’t end up disappointed. 

A few years have passed, and there’s already an immense amount of development brought by virtual reality. Although the artificial environment it could create is satisfying enough, it still needs more work to acquire the functionality and finally achieve humanity’s expectations, fed by our fantasies.  

What completes the whole experience are add-ons, having real feats on their own that can steal the show. We list below some of these tech accessories available today. 

Tesla Suit 

Not to be confused with Elon Musk’s Tesla, this wearable tech belongs to the field of VR gaming. Compared to its competitors, it’s a full-body haptic suit perfect for various physical VR experiences. It works by transferring sensation through electric pulses with a control unit and an advanced motion capture system. The Prodigy version costs $2750, which isn’t a bad price for a forefront technology. Even a VR glove has an eye-watering price tag of $300, so why not opt for a full-body VR encounter? 

Home Golf Simulators 

The pandemic forced some sportsmen to go on hiatus. However, those who invest in VR tech can enjoy their favorite outdoor amusement while in isolation. It’s thanks to the virtual reality sports games library that continuously expands. Although you can immerse yourself into an artificial golf course, the gameplay may not be accurate, and this is where add-on tech comes in.  

Mevo + is a home golf simulator designed to measure and project ball flight. It uses FlightScope technology, which is one of the most accurate computing features that exist. With its tracking ability, a golfer can practice their swing and hone their performance. It is an excellent way to improve posture, grip, and flexibility at the same time. 

Hands Omni 

One of the elements that are missing in today’s artificial environment technology is the sense of touch. Although that must be something that’s currently in the works, Hands Omni is around to give VR users the feel of objects contained in the virtual world.


 Smell and temperature are other experiences that aren’t present in artificial environments alone. FeelReal, a multi-sensor mask, provides seven varying scents and a breeze of cool and hot air to meet with whatever is happening in the game. Thus, a user can enjoy a more realistic vibe of the virtual scene. 


Although an available purchase in the consumer market, Birdly carries a stratospheric price tag that only a few wealthy people could afford. The device gives a player the ultimate flying experience, and its structure makes us remember that giant motorcycle arcade replica in our childhood. There may be a few competitors interested to create cheaper versions, and everyone’s excited to see if the value would enter a range their pockets could bear.

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