What to do in Calgary

Calgary skyline.

Calgary, one of the top travel destinations in Canada, has a long history that built it up into a city of endless culture and entertainment.  Arguably one of the best cities in Canada, Calgary has a little something for everyone.  If you’re not keen on hockey and want to get to know the city for more than that, here’s a list of some things to do in Calgary if you’re itching for something to do.

Calgary Zoo

Home to pandas, a beautiful light rail, and so many animals you can’t keep track of them- the Calgary Zoo is world-famous for a reason.  Conservation and education of wildlife are at the forefront of what this zoo offers while using the money earned to care for the animals they keep.  You’ll be able to get close and personal with wild animals, while also keeping your distance.

Calgary zoo and botanical gardens.

The Stampede

The Calgary Stampede is the center of life in Calgary.  It hosts everything from rodeos to concerts, with events happening year-round.  Calgary keeps up the spirit of the wild west while keeping modern entertainment alive in the same breath.  If you’re ever in town with nothing to do- spending some time at the stampede will make you want to look for Calgary homes for sale.

A group of people riding horses in a Calgary rodeo.

Calgary Tower

A 180-foot observatory tower in the middle of Calgary is bound to grab anyone’s attention.  The Calgary Tower is breathtaking whether you’re in it, or staring up at it.  Also called the Husky Tower, it offers a place to be amongst the clouds and get the best views of the city beneath you.  From the tower, you can see most of the other attractions on this list, as well as parks and buildings you won’t usually notice as a tourist.

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The Calgary tower in Calgary, British Columbia.

Glenbow Museum

Calgary’s art and sciences museum are what keeps this city a cultural hub in all of Alberta.  After running for fifty years, this museum is skilled at keeping its finger on the pulse of art and sciences.  Whether it’s classically snowy outside in the beautiful city, or bright and sunny, you won’t have to use bad weather as an excuse to want to come in and learn something.  Featuring artists like world-famous Emily Carr and Tom Thomson, this museum has works that will make you want to go back each day to see them again.

A large building in Calgary.

Prince’s Island Park

The largest festival park in the city, this park comes to life year-round, offering a reason to go outside in any weather.  The park, sprawled out over twenty hectares of land, is open to the public but only bookable to significant events.  You should still go out any other day and enjoy the beautiful green lawns and architecture that makes this park as breathtaking as it is.

A city skyline with a fountain in the middle of a pond in Calgary.

Although Calgary may not be the first city many people think of for vacations, this beautiful and diverse city has endless experiences to offer anyone willing.  Take time to explore the city, get to know the people, and become familiar with this wonderful place.

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