4 Reasons to Visit Sicily This Year

A blue boat docked in clear Sicilian waters.

This beautiful island, which offers some of the finest culinary and unique traditions in the Mediterranean, is sometimes overlooked by local tourists. After all, Sicily is home to cannoli, Nero d’Avola wines, and a burgeoning agritourism industry—not to mention a few of Europe’s most beautiful ruins, beaches, and small villages. Are you still undecided about booking a flight? Continue reading to learn why this place should be at the pinnacle of your trip wish list.

1. Delectable Cuisine

We all know that Italian cuisine is among the most delectable globally, but Sicilian cuisine is excellent. Sicilian food is rich and authentic, and it has been inspired by the different civilizations who have populated this territory since prehistoric days. Sicilian cuisine is a beautiful blend of pasta dishes, seafood couscous with North African flavors, and famous desserts. Keep in mind that you’ll be in for a treat no matter what you choose to eat!

A traditional Sicilian dish of spaghetti with sardines and mushrooms.

2. Wine Paradise

Sicily, like many other Italian areas, has a thriving wine industry. Sicilian vineyards are noted for producing table and dessert wines, as well as cultivars like Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. Marsala wine is perhaps the most well-known product of Sicily. 

If a wine tasting tour isn’t on your list of things to do while there, be sure to sample some from Cantine Barbera in Menfi, Sicily. Explore the beautiful town of Menfi, which is renowned for fine wineries, and the Selinunte Archaeological Park located in the vicinity.

3. Golden Sandy Beaches

We recommend Sicily as a holiday resort if you have the option. For a low fee, you may rent a villa and unwind on some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Beaches include: 

The Governor's Palace in Williamsburg, Virginia - Early American Architecture


The Taormina beaches are amongst Sicily’s most picturesque, constituting a tiny peninsula at the foot of the famed hill town. The appropriately called Isola Bella, in particular, elicits astonishment when first spotted. The small island is the focal point of the bay, with shallow-water coastlines on both sides.

A scenic view of a rocky beach in Sicily.


As there are so numerous varieties of plants and animals that may be seen with a mask and snorkel, the beaches of Scopello are excellent for practicing snorkeling and scuba diving.


Within 20 minutes of Noto’s center, there are numerous quiet sandy beaches, some of which are considered among Italy’s most picturesque. If you have a family and want to find the best spot that offers utmost tranquility, Lido di Noto is your place.


Due to its sequence of white, clean beaches, golden bays, headlands, islands, and spectacular landscape, the shoreline of the Syracuse region is one of Sicily’s most attractive pieces of coastline.

A beach in Sicily with clear blue water and people on it.


4. Accommodations of the Highest Standard

A high-end vacation spot and a coastal home should not be disregarded. As a result, they’ve widely considered the best option for easily honoring actual events like birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings.

The swimming pool is also a luxury for the pickiest tourists who, even if they reside in a private house on the seaside, want their quiet location to swim in complete privacy. It’s a chance to vacation in style and solitude, especially if the pool offers extra amenities like a hydromassage area.

The best way to book a villa in Sicily is through an online travel agency like Select Sicily. For more information, visit their website selectsicilyvillas.com.

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