What To Look For When Choosing a Cleaning Service Provider

A man providing cleaning service in a living room with a bucket of cleaning supplies.

Everything is so fast-paced in modern times that we don’t have that much time for everything on our plate. 

Imagine this: just your work alone already eats up a big chunk of your precious time. Then, of course, you have a family to take care of, a personal and social life to maintain, and do other tasks that are seemingly small but time-consuming. And don’t forget, you have to sleep.

Your hands are too full to take responsibility for more chores, like cleaning. Oh yes, cleaning. Just hearing it takes the energy out of your body. Because often, it entails a whole day of scrubbing, mopping, organizing and more.

It already sounds taxing but neglecting it is even more stressful. Because who would live peacefully in a house that’s messy and practically in chaos?

Good thing, nowadays, you can get your house cleaned and all spruced up without you getting frantic with worry. So give yourself a break. After all, you deserve to relax in an organized home after a hard day’s work. 

What To Look For When Choosing a Cleaning Service Provider

Taking a time off from house duties at least occasionally is the dream. But selecting and hiring a professional home cleaner like Pristine Home can be a bit of a drag, too. There are several factors to keep in mind before trusting your private place into the hands of an outsider.

That’s why we rounded up all the things you need to consider when looking for the best cleaning service provider:

Good Reputation

Knowing that a service is adorned with accreditations, awards and certificates is always a big sigh of relief. It only means that the cleaning company has already been around for a good number of years to master the trade. You know, been there, done that. They wouldn’t last long in the business if they aren’t that really good in their craft.

More often than not, these cleaning service providers also like to flaunt their excellent service on their sites. So read on their customer reviews page to get an insight of what they really do and how well (or bad) they do it. If the reviews are filled with negative comments and one-star verdicts, jump on to the next.

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A Company That Suits Your Specific Needs

Most services can do the cleaning in general terms. But if you’re looking for a more specific type of cleaning, you should probably try the companies who are flexible on their options. Like when there’s only a particular area in your home you want tidied up, or when you need a hand in cleaning before moving in or out of your flat.

It all goes down to what type of service that will fit your current needs. It’s definitely a plus if they would allow you to give just the list of things to be cleaned and still provide you a better quote. 


Since you are giving full access to your home, you really have to make sure that they have full accountability during the process. And it must be detailed in their terms and conditions.

Before handing them the key, have a well-established contract first. What if the cleaners caused more damage than good? What if you were left unsatisfied with how they cleaned your toilet? Will they be accountable for this?

Those are only some of the questions that must be brought up before shaking hands. Because these terms and conditions are the only things you have in case something goes wrong (but we hope there’s not). 

Responsive Customer Service

Who wouldn’t love a service provider who replies almost instantly? Or at least within an hour?

A company that is quick to answer and are open to a plethora of questions you have in mind is a steal. It only goes to show that your time is paramount to their business and that they are genuinely committed in helping you out.

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The Cleaners

The company’s representatives maybe sweet-talking and good with their words but it’s their cleaners who actually do the dirty work. So it’s important that they’re not only good but also trustworthy and accountable.

Look out for cleaning service providers who personally hire their workforce because it means that their selection process is meticulous and everyone is reference-checked. That way, you will be more comfortable in handing your key.

Their Cleaning Materials

Will they bring their own cleaning supplies? If yes, will they charge you extra for it? And if not, are you satisfied with the quote they gave you if you will provide the mops and scrubs? Most importantly, are their materials sanitized?

Their cleaning materials are just as important as their cleaners. So weed out all your concerns and worries regarding their equipment. If you have specifications, it’s best that you mention it to them beforehand.

How They Treat Their Clients

You are potentially employing them to take care of your home in the long term. So their overall approach to their clients and their willingness to hear out your concerns are the things to look out for. Relationships with these service providers last longer when you’re off to a good start and when you’re both on the same page.

That’s why it’s really important to know them first. A little research and a few calls or chats here and there will definitely help you weed out the bad services from the good ones. It may be a little time-consuming but compared to tidying up your unkempt rooms and chaotic piles of trash? It’s a piece of cake!

We already rounded up the things to consider, anyways. So finding your next cleaning service provider should be a breeze!

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