What’s the Cost for Mold Removal?

A woman in a protective suit spraying a spray bottle to perform mold removal in a kitchen.

Key Takeaways

  • Mold removal and remediation costs vary based on the extent of the infestation, the type of mold, and the affected area.
  • Costs can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands, depending on various factors.
  • Professional mold remediation is recommended, especially for larger affected areas or for dangerous types of mold.
  • It’s crucial to hire a reputable company with positive reviews and ratings to ensure effective and affordable remediation.
  • Some molds, like the black fungus (stachybotrys chartarum), are particularly harmful and may require more intensive and costly removal methods.

When there’s a mold problem at home, what we want is to make sure is that we can get them eliminated the soonest time possible. However, questions such as how much is the removal and remediation costs depends on the gravity of the of the problem. People think that this kind of work costs too much because it requires a lot of things to consider but that’s not the case.

There are some who are thinking of doing DIY mold remediation but of course there’s one thing that people are always worried about,

How much would it cost?

Here are some tips that can be very helpful for you in moving forward with the project.

How much is mold removal?

How much does mold removal cost? How much will it cost to remove a portion of the area that has fungus? One of the factors here is the area. There are areas that are easy to remediate than others.

You must remember that fungus can easily spread and doesn’t focus on one area, it can go through foundation and ceilings that of course will change the price depending on the damage. The costs of fungus remediation can range anywhere from a few hundred up to thousands. There are also some materials that needs replacement like carpets and rugs.

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Fungus remediation cost varies from $150 to $2,500 which still depends on the type of fungus and the area that was affected. widely depending on the type of fungus and the size of the area affected. Of course, it will be higher if the affected area will be removed and replaced. Additionally, if the fungus is found in a septic system, it will require more work, with more expensive equipment and of course thorough testing. Fungus also causes wood to rot so that’s another problem to deal with.

The cost of remediation really depends on the extent of the fungus infestation. The more the infestation is, the more work it requires. This can’t be done by one person, so manpower is needed. Contaminated water due to flooding also requires heavy equipment, which will be an additional cost.

The severity of the fungus infestation will cost you higher so it’s always better to get an opinion from a professional, or better yet hire one. This is a huge decision if you know it will be costly but there are things that should be done by an expert.

Three different types of face masks on a table.
Three different types of face masks on a table.

Mold remediation costs vary depending on the location and the service company you hire. It’s better to look for professionals around you first before checking other who service different areas. You can always check online or ask people around you for recommendation.

It’s imperative to check thoroughly who you will work with. Always check reviews and their ratings to get a fair idea of their pricing. You can check https://precisionmoldremoval.com and such companies to see what’s in store for you. Hiring the right company lessens the cost and having reworks too. It’s always important that they explain first what they do so you have an idea what’s going to happen as well.

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A person in a protective suit performing mold removal on a couch.
A person in a protective suit performing mold removal on a couch.

As mentioned, mold remediation cost will depend on the size and the extent of the damage. Smaller areas will of course cost less if you’re working on glass or tile surfaces. Larger areas will need more work. It may require cleaning your HVAC system and other areas that has been affected.

There are some cases that water get contaminated because of flooding, this of course may require heavy-duty equipment. These are some factors that are considered so professionals can tell you how much the is cost for everything that needs to be done. Another factor of determining the cost is the type of mold, including toxic mold.

Mold problems may require the removal and replacement of drywall, hardwood floors and carpeting. Damage to foundations is possible and also with furniture, carpet or other things at home.

There are cases that it exceeds $3,000 or more. Homeowners need to upgrade the materials for the damaged area to prevent same problem in the future. For extensive water damage, it may cost someone $200 to $300.

Wet vacuum can be used for small problems, which costs approximately $80 to $200. If a bigger remediation project is needed, other materials such as wood or carpet may need to be replaced when damage, which increases the cost to as much as $5000. Licensed Professional are needed for this kind of work. This requires knowledge and experience so it’s better to be cautious on who you hire.

A pair of blue rubber gloves used for mold removal on a white background.
A pair of blue rubber gloves used for mold removal on a white background.

Porous surfaces

We need to remember that not all fungus is harmless, there are also aggressive one’s that are really harmful.

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Some funguses spread fast that can cause a lot of damage than other. A professional fungus remediation can determine these funguses whether they are harmless or dangerous. They use special gear when working because they know what they are dealing with.

Black fungus or also known as stachybotrys chartarum, is one of the most dangerous types of fungus. Click here to know more about the effects of black fungus on the human body. Aside from it stains surfaces, it’s also costly to remove. If it spreads on porous surfaces, it’s highly advised to replace it instead. This job requires additional bleaching and replacement of the surface.

There are some cases that black fungus removal cost up to $5,000. The amount depends on how big the damage is but knowing how bad it can affect our health, it’s better to get the job done by professionals than having some health issues.

If the affected area is more than 10 square feet, it’s better to hire a someone for the job. This is because the larger the area, the more problem will be exposed for sure.

However, if it’s less than 10 square feet, you can handle the remediation process yourself. But of course, it’s still highly advised to just have professionals deal with this because doing DIY and not sure if what you’re doing is correct may cause more damage on your home and your health.


Mold removal is not just about improving the aesthetics of your home; it’s about ensuring a safe and healthy living environment. While the costs can vary, it’s essential to address mold issues promptly and hire professionals when necessary. Investing in mold remediation now can save you from more significant expenses and health issues in the future.

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Q: Can I handle mold removal myself?
A: For small areas (less than 10 square feet), you might consider DIY mold removal. However, for larger areas or dangerous mold types, it’s recommended to hire professionals.

Q: How can I prevent mold growth in my home?
A: Ensure proper ventilation, fix leaks promptly, and maintain a dry environment in your home. Regularly check areas prone to moisture, like basements and bathrooms.

Q: Is black mold the most dangerous type?
A: Black mold, or stachybotrys chartarum, is one of the most harmful molds. It produces mycotoxins that can be dangerous when inhaled.

Q: How do I know if a mold remediation company is reputable?
A: Check online reviews, ask for recommendations, and ensure they have the necessary credentials and experience.


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