This Year’s Christmas Decorating Essentials 

A living room decked out for Christmas with a festive tree and presents.

Whether you put up your Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving or wait until the week of Christmas, decorating for Christmas puts everyone in the holiday spirit. It doesn’t matter if you’re a minimalist or a maximalist; most homes celebrating Christmas have some decor. If this is your first year decorating your home, or maybe you want to Pare down from how much you’ve decorated in the past, there are certain decorating Essentials that every home needs to get that magical feeling. Keep reading for this year’s Christmas decorating items that will put you in a holly, jolly mood and give your home that nostalgic and cozy feeling.

Twinkling Lights

From giving your home Christmas curb appeal to decorating the tree indoors, twinkling lights are one of the Hallmarks of the holiday season. You can go with a classic white that won’t clash with any other decorations or liven things up for the kids in the house and the kid in you with rainbow lights. If you go with a monochromatic tree, which is in trend, all-red or all-blue lights can be the perfect Finishing Touch. Some people love twinkling lights so much that they keep them up year-round for their soft, warm glow and magical feeling.

Christmas Trees

It isn’t Christmas without a family Christmas tree! Whether you go big, small, or an art piece of a tree hanging on your wall, a Christmas tree with a beautiful skirt at the bottom is a must. Go ahead and wrap ornaments into this section of Christmas decorating essentials. Get nostalgic and use ornaments from your childhood or heirlooms from Christmas passed. If you want a more elevated tree, you can keep everything streamlined with one color story. Some people like a tree in every room of the home, but at minimum, there should be one Christmas tree on your decorating list.

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Holiday Wreaths

Your front door is more than the entryway to your home, it’s the first thing people see when they arrive to visit, and it’s a great way to make a first impression no matter what time of year. Numerous studies have shown that people who decorate for the holidays are perceived as friendlier by their neighbors, so show everyone your holiday spirit with a beautiful holiday wreath. Holiday wreaths can get expensive, but they’re easy to DIY and put your personal touch on.


One of the quickest ways to put yourself in a wintry, festive mood is through scent. While traditional air fresheners are filled with known toxins, it’s best to get festive scents in your home through scented candles. Candles with cinnamon, clove, vanilla, and balsam fir can elevate your living space through the beauty of the flickering flame and the delightful scents. In addition to sprinkling candles throughout your home to up the level of coziness, they also make the perfect present for virtually anyone in your life. If you’re hosting a holiday dinner this year, add candles to your table spread.


Stockings have been a key part of the Christmas experience since the 1800s, and for many people, they are the favorite thing to unwrap on Christmas morning. Whether you’re still using the same stocking from childhood or buying new stockings every year, they’re a must for the season. You don’t need a fireplace to display your stockings either; hang them anywhere in your home that you think looks beautiful, perhaps on a staircase, perhaps laying them at the foot of the tree, but no matter where you put them, they’re a holiday must-have.

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Sharing a kiss under the mistletoe is supposed to bring good fortune and luck to the couple kissing. But mistletoe isn’t just for married or partnered individuals; even kids love getting in the mistletoe spirit, maybe kissing their family dog underneath. If you only want a few decorations in your home, mistletoe hanging in the center of a doorway is a classic and beautiful holiday statement.


Decorating with this classic bright red and beautiful flower is a Hallmark of the holiday season. Poinsettias are found virtually everywhere during this time of year, and they add a bold pop of color on a dreary winter day. If you’re a pet owner, especially cats, be mindful of where you put the poinsettias as they can be toxic to felines, but you should still take advantage of this natural colorful way to decorate your home for the holidays.

‘Tis the season to be merry and bright, and by adding the above-decorating essentials to your home this year, you can be sure that you and all your loved ones with whom you celebrate will have a Merry Christmas and, of course, a Happy New Year!

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