7 Furnace Maintenance & Cleaning Tips to Help Keep Your System Running Strong

A man and woman performing furnace maintenance.

Furnace efficiency is the key to a lasting furnace system that can save you money on your monthly gas bills as well as costs on repair and buying a new one. Some common furnace problems can be, easily solved by you or a furnace expert. You just need to be in tune with how your furnace system functions as well as its major parts, to know what to do before it breaks down or starts to wear and tear.

With the right knowledge as well as the contacts of a reputable furnace firm like Advanpro furnace, you can keep your furnace up and running all the time.

So how can you maintain as well as clean your furnace system, to keep it running strong. Here are a few tips to get you by and save you some money.

Get regular furnace tune ups

To ensure your home furnace is running efficiently, have it inspected and tuned up annually. This is because one faulty part can put a strain within the system, leading to a sudden breakdown.

An annual tune-up often involves some inspections on its operations, maintenance tasks like cleaning, all to avoid any future problems, improve its efficiency and make it run safely.

Use a programmable thermostat

Programmable thermostats are one of the most effective ways to reducing your monthly gas bill, as well as furnace wear and tear.

Besides, they do not cost a lot and will help you set a reasonable schedule throughout the week, thus allowing you to lower temperatures when you are asleep or not at home.

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Keep your furnace filters clean

The main purpose of a furnace filter is to prevent the clogging of your furnace be it by hair or dust. The longer it has been in use, the more the debris. As a result, your furnace gets to work harder to pull air through the debris-filled filter, thus placing a lot of stress on it.

Therefore, make it a habit to check your furnace filter on a monthly basis. If you see some air and dust, clean it if it is the reusable kind or replace it. Either way it should always be clean, for long-term efficacy.

Keep the area around the furnace clear

Most home furnaces are always in the basement, with other home belongings. For long-term efficiency of your furnace, it is better to keep the area surrounding it clear of anything 3-5 foot clear area would do just fine.

As much as it is a safety issue due to the furnace burning gas, it also helps the furnace run smoothly for a long time, as air can now circulate freely, no hindrances.

Ensure all registers are open and free of debris

For a furnace to work efficiently at all times, it would need to circulate air freely around or all over your house. Therefore, ensure that none of your floor registers is being blocked by furniture or anything else. They should not also have trapped dust in the covers. This is because they can restrict airflow of up to 50%.

Do not block outdoor exhaust pipes

Highly efficient gas furnaces always have exhaust pipes that lead outside your home and near to the ground. Therefore, it is important to keep these pipes open at all times, nothing should be on their way or blocking them. This way your furnace operates efficiently and safely, for as long as it can.

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Always test your CO detectors

CO detectors will always warn you of any carbon monoxide leak within your furnace, which is highly life threatening to anyone within your home. Therefore, make sure that these detectors, CO detectors, are working and have fresh new batteries, especially during the heating season.


In conclusion, you should know your furnace in and out from its basic parts to some of its common problems as well as its ideal level of efficiency. This way you can maintain and clean it without any problem and even get to know if something is amiss, for safe ownership.

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