The Ultimate Girls Group Tour Of Los Angeles

Tour of los angeles with palm trees in the background.

The Southern California city of Los Angeles is home to the iconic entertainment industry, Hollywood. The city of glitz and glamour attracts a lot of people every year either under the tourism banner or to fulfill aspirations. The beautiful city enjoys a Mediterranean climate and provides a lot of opportunities for people of all ages to explore the attractions. Luxury Los Angeles bus rentals are the best way to traverse the city and make your all-girls group tour a success. Here are a few things to keep in mind while planning your itinerary.

An aerial view of a beach in Los Angeles during a tour.


Keep it in mind that Los Angeles is the most expensive city after New York, so even budget hotels come with a relatively expensive tariffs, especially in the downtown area. Look for neighborhoods that are not in tourist areas to get a cheap deal. If your girl gang has more than five members, it always works out cheaper and is convenient to book a bed and breakfast accommodation. Beautiful apartments and homes are always open for rent in a city like Los Angeles. Santa Monica is also a lovely neighborhood to reside until your tour ends. It is surrounded by many shopping centers, eateries, and not to mention, a stunning view of the ocean.

Rent a car/bus

Public transport is not recommended in Los Angelesz especially when visiting the city in large groups. Bus rentals are the next best thing to make your commute easier around the city. Drive along Malibu and Santa Monica to enjoy the mesmerizing sunsets in the city. Do not miss out on visiting the tourist attractions such as the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Hollywood sign, the Getty, Rodeo Drive and even Disneyland for the child within you. There are several museums and galleries located in the city for those interested in fine arts.

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Indulge in some outdoor activities

Parties and nightclubs are a must do when in Los Angeles but the city has more to it than just glamour. Hike up to the Griffith Observatory or the Runyon Canyon Park to capture the most spectacular view of the city of Los Angeles. The entry to the Griffith Observatory is free while Runyon Canyon Park is a perfect place to burn some party snacks calories. If you girls are beach lovers instead, take a couple of surfing lessons at either Santa Monica or Malibu.

A group of people kayaking down a river on a tour.

Devour some of the iconic dishes

The food and drink scene in Los Angeles does not need any introduction. The diverse ethnic culture in the city has given rise to the ultimate gastronomy. From humble doughnuts to exotic Korean cuisine, Los Angeles excels in serving some delectable food. So, splurge on trying out new things when in the city and be assured that you won’t be disappointed. There are also numerous food trucks in the city that serve some delicious food at a nominal price.


Nobody can hold back the urge when it comes to shopping in Los Angeles. There are some great places to to cater to the needs of all  shopaholics. From haute couture to cheap souvenirs, Los Angeles is a one-stop city where you can find all the latest fashion, cosmetics, gizmos and trinkets. Visit the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica for the best of collections, food, and oceanic views. You can also head to Hollywood & Highland at the Hollywood Boulevard for some entertainment along with the shopping.

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A fountain in the middle of a shopping center on a tour of Los Angeles.

It is totally up to your girl gang to decide which attractions to visit. So, create your own itinerary according to your interests and have the time of your life in the city of opportunities!

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