When Should You Call a Plumber?

A plumber is fixing a kitchen sink.

Water is what makes life possible, and the plumbing system is what makes our civilization possible. This crucial realization has prompted the construction of vast plumbing systems throughout the ages across the world to deliver fresh water and carry away wastewater. 

Manassas is no exception. The city has a well-established water supply and sewerage system for its commercial and residential properties and has allocated over $1.7 million for future projects. It is a historical site established in 1852 at a rail junction between two lines that linked northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. This civil war significance and other attractions make it a tourist spot requiring a robust water system. 

It also hosts a permanent resident population of 41,501 (2017), plus others who come and go for work. All of these depend on every building’s water system for their needs. And should it break down for some reason, they can rely on a plumber manassas va, to get it fixed in a jiffy.

Knowing When to Call For Help

The city is a modest one in terms of size and density, meaning its water systems don’t have to undergo the stresses and strains. Still, they have to contend with their own set of problems endemic to such environments. A plumber in Manassas, VA, will be familiar with such local and common issues and provide the necessary services to rectify them yourself you can also ask these questions on a call if needed.


The bane of every plumbing system, leaks can spring out of nowhere and anywhere. They are like silent killers that destroy both the piping and the surrounding environment slowly. It is mainly a problem with pipes that are buried underground or within walls.

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Besides physical damage, they can run up the bills, all the while letting perfectly good water go to waste. This can be especially concerning, with the city determining the water charges for residential purposes at $3.06/1000 gallons below 5000 gallons and $3.26/1000 gallon above it. Commercial rates stand at $3.46/1000 Gallons for 1st million of them and $3.01/1000 Gallons. Various other charges like meter and customer charges will also be added.

Not all leaks happen due to the same reason, either. Loose joint-caused leaks are relatively easy to mend with tightening or sealants. Those due to broken joints or corroded pipes are much harder to mend and might require replacement of an entire section to be stopped. 

The same applies to sewerage, except with the added stench and illnesses it can bring. It’s in these cases that professional plumbing services are a must-have.

Low Water Pressure

It’s common for people to disregard the importance of good water pressure to have a good water flow. Appliances like heaters and showers rely on certain levels of water pressure to function optimally. Low water pressure in the system must, therefore, not be considered lightly.

There could be many reasons for the water not having the desired pressure. Clogged pipes are a common reason. The overhead tank might contain a lot of dirt and unwanted particles blocking the entrance to the outlet. 

The city can also get very cold during the winter, sometimes freezing a portion of the water in the pipes, especially if they are made of metal. This constricts the space for the flow of water, thus reducing pressure. 

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You’d need a plumber’s expertise to solve such intricate problems and remove any material clogging the system to restore the pressure to nominal levels.

Malfunctioning Accessories

Age affects everything, including branded bathroom and toilet accessories like faucets and flush systems. The mechanism involved in their operation makes them a challenging DIY proposition. Public ones are out of the question in this regard.

An experienced plumber is a right person to deal with many of the complications involved in improperly fixing the functioning accessories. They can identify the exact cause and location to recommend/proceed with the next course of action.

Blocked Drains and Sinks/Tub

Wastewater should flow in only one direction: away from the building. If it is not doing that and instead of flowing in the opposite direction, then it is time to call a plumber. 

Garbage, kitchen waste, accidentally flushed items, grease buildup, hair, etc., are common reasons for the sewers to get blocked. Rats and other pests can sometimes accumulate dirt within the pipes, causing the blockage, too. Tree roots are the other notorious reason, especially in the suburban setup of Manassas. 

Any blockage must be cleared up at once and water flow restored to the right direction in the sewerage to avoid the problems wastewater brings with it. 

A plumber in Manassas, VA, will help to keep the plumbing system functioning properly and attend to the immediate queries of the local area.

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