6 Expert tips to ease the stress of holiday travel

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Want to travel abroad for a holiday? Is Europe your destination? If so, then you need to answer the highly important question before you start to worry about the stress of Europe travels: do you think you will be granted an ETIAS Application? That is to say that, your visa application process is also crucial to your holiday travel. And failure to secure one may compound your travel stress. Travelling around the world during a holiday season may be the best gesture you can show to your kids and loved ones. But like everything else in life, travels are always stress-packed, and if you couple that with the lingering stress, congestion, and bustling that happens around holidays, then, you can understand why holiday travels are probably too daunting for some people to embark on. However, that is not to say that one cannot bask in the liveliness of a holiday season; in fact, there is no better time to explore the world than during the holiday. With that said, here are a few tips to help you escape the headache and heartache of holiday travel.

Book early

One of the many reasons why some people find travelling stressful is because of the type of flight they’ve chosen. While you may not be inclined to book an early morning flight, always remember that they are often the least busy and the less delayed ones. So if you are looking to beat the rowdiness, then, you are better off booking early. As expected, roads, streets, and airports are characteristically jam-packed during the holiday season, which means that if you leave late, then, you are likely to encounter congestions every step of your way. Additionally, it is always better to avoid travelling on the busiest dates, like the day before Thanksgiving, a day before or after New Year’s Day. If possible, book a flight on the actual holidays, and you are sure going to find minimal crowds.

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Go digital

In this day and age, there is hardly any form of entertainment you cannot carry along with you. So if you are looking to ease your travel stress, then, you need to ensure that you stockpile your mobile devices with every form of entertainment that appeals to you before leaving home. Not only will this keep your mind from burning out during your long journeys, but it will also help you pass the time without even noticing. Indeed, the familiarity of a favourite show or video game fights boredom and eases stress.

Give yourself a lot of time

While you can always rush to work to avoid being late, or arrive late at an event that is just within touching distance of your home, you cannot afford to set out for a holiday journey late. It is recommended that you leave the house at least one hour earlier than usual to delay delays. Odd as that may sound; at least it will offer you the benefit of making your journey less stressful. Think about it, would you rather arrive at an airport early to relax and explore ahead of your flight or would you prefer to rush down the terminal with bags in tow so as not to miss your flight? I’m quite certain everyone will prefer the former. 

Travel light

Remember, it is a trip, not a full stay. So always bear in mind to travel light. Even if you’re checking bags, consider shipping gifts and non-essentials ahead of time. That way, you’ll be able to hack down your luggage hassle, ensure your luggage, and keep track of your luggage. Thankfully, everything is now digital these days, meaning that you can even mail items already packed in a suitcase. Or, buy presents online and toss some gift bags into your carry-on. To make traveling with luggage even more convenient, you can consider using the luggage storage service in the city you are traveling to. For instance, if you are going to NYC, type in luggage storage nyc to find a suitable place to keep all your bags and belongings. It will ensure the safety of the luggage while you get to enjoy NYC like never before.

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Prepare for the security checks

Indeed, nobody fancies being checked, but it is a common knowledge that you have to go through the security detail when travelling. But even that doesn’t need to be stressful, does it? Ahead of your arrival at the security checks, always ensure that you have everything organized. As a rule, always put your belts, keys, change, jewellery, and gadgets in your carry-on instead of emptying pockets in line. If you are travelling with your kids, be sure to use the family lane if there is one. 

Plan for delays

In truth, nobody likes being stuck in a delay, especially not during a holiday trip. But if you want to ease your stress, then, it is better to have a plan B. As a general rule, always prepare mentally to be delayed or rerouted. It will help you stay in charge, minimize stress, not disappointed, and above all, figure out an alternative means. Planning for the delay could mean carrying snacks, extra clothes, and some necessary items in case you are get stuck overnight.

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