6 Inexpensive Ways You Can Beautify Your Home

A decluttered living room.

Your home is your safe haven – it is where you spend quaint mornings and fun evenings with your loved ones, and make memories that you are likely to cherish forever. Hence, while it is important that you focus on your home and its fixtures being functional, you should also pay attention to your home’s overall design and its beauty.

A little pop of color here, a bit of detail there, contribute towards making your home stand out and improving its overall aesthetic. Listed below are five inexpensive ways one can beautify their home without compromising its functionality and character:

1. Add a pop of color 

Although white and neutral colored rooms are all the rage this season, a little pop of color never hurt anyone. Adding an unexpected pop of color to a neutral room adds to its character, gives hints about your personality, and looks absolutely chic. A neutral bedroom characterized by abstract art, or by a bright blue vase exudes sophistication and elegance. Adding a bit of color to any room in your home is fairly easy, and it instantly makes your home feel fresh and new.

2. Use multiple mirrors around the home

Mirrors make your rooms appear bigger than they actually are and are a great way to decorate empty spaces. If you have an empty corner or an empty wall around the house, by simply adding a mirror to it you’d be adding a ton of character to the said space. It is recommended that you place mirrors either across or in diagonal form so that it reflects natural and artificial light, and makes your room appear larger. 

A small black bathroom with mirrors and wicker baskets.
These sink fitting by Kallista can help you add more style to your bathroom.

3. Focus on lighting 

Lighting is crucial to any space and for your home you should consider a balance between natural and artificial lighting. During the day, let natural light shine in through the windows and for nighttime ensure that you have enough light sources that have a warm or a yellowish hue.

4. Set up blinds

Instead of adding curtains to every window, consider adding blinds and shutters to a few of the windows around the home. Not only are they easier to maintain, they also give off a very sleek and a very clean look. Opt for modern alternatives such as Blinds Gold Coast Shutters that look just the right balance between modern and functional.

5. Add some texture

Consider breaking up a room by adding in pillows, rugs and throws around the space. Not only do textures contribute by adding a visual interest, they also help elevate the feel of any room. The best part about adding texture is that as easy it is to add texture, it is equally easy to remove it. 

7 Simple Ways to Update Your Living Room with a brown couch and orange pillows.
Bright throw pillows add a pop of color and texture to this living room (HGTV)

6. Don’t forget to accessorize

You can easily add an oomph to absolutely any space in your home by adding a few accessories to it. A cute little stool here, an embroidered cushion there contributed to adding little cute yet iconic pieces that can represent you and your family in unique ways. You could also add pictures of your family around the home to accessorize it. If a particular family member is obsessed with something – your child being obsessed with Koala Bears, for instance – add a little Koala Bear figurine around the home.

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