7 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Backyard

A upgraded backyard featuring furniture and a gazebo.

Your backyard is your own private oasis. It’s a place where you can relax, entertain friends, and enjoy the peace and quiet of nature with your family. As such, it deserves to be treated like a sanctuary—and that means investing in some upgrades that will elevate the look and feel of your space. Luckily for you there are plenty of affordable ways to upgrade your backyard without breaking the bank. Here are 7 easy ways to add some upgrades that make a huge difference.

Put in a Sauna or Water Feature

If you want to add something that will benefit your family, consider adding a sauna. Backyard saunas are great for relaxation. They also help to detox the body and can even help you improve your focus and concentration. There are plenty of sauna products on the market to make it easy for you to add one to your backyard without a lot of prep work.

Upgrades backyard with a pool.

Create More Privacy With Your Existing Fence

If you’re like most people, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about upgrading your backyard is replacing or changing it entirely. But before you invest in a complete overhaul, consider taking advantage of what you already have. If your fence needs painting or staining, for example, consider painting it instead of building an entirely new one. If there are gaps between individual planks in the fence fill in those spaces. You can even add some lattice panels up higher depending on your building codes and/or HOA regulations.

Build an Outdoor Kitchen

Your outdoor kitchen could be as simple as a grill next to additional prep and serving space or as elaborate as a luxury outdoor space. If you’re looking to add value to your home and create a comfortable place for entertaining guests, an outdoor kitchen is a perfect addition. These spaces are also great because they can be used year-round to cook and entertain.

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An outdoor kitchen that upgrades the backyard with a table and chairs.

Add a Pergola

A pergola can be a great addition to give you more room and shade. Pergolas are essentially arbors—or covered walkways—and they can be used for many purposes. They can provide an extra place to sit and relax, or they can serve as trellises where you grow vines or other plants. Pergolas come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and materials; some of the most common ones are made from wood or stone. A pergola can provide a permanent structure for shade instead of using umbrellas.

Add Low-Maintenance Vegetation

In addition to making your backyard a more desirable space, you can also add low-maintenance vegetation that will reduce the need for maintenance in the future. Use plants that thrive in the sun or shade. If you have an area of your yard that receives full sun, consider planting the right kind of vegetation in that spot. For dry climates, make sure you use plants indigenous to your climate. This will reduce the need for watering and can ensure that you have greenery even during the hot winter months. There are also many varieties of grasses that require minimal watering once established. Additionally, there are plenty of perennials that don’t need a lot of maintenance other than a good pruning once a year.

Upgrades backyard with artificial grass.

Build Furniture

If you’re looking for a creative way to upgrade your backyard, consider building some furniture. You can make everything from benches and garden tables to chairs and even outdoor beds. One of the easiest ways to do this is with pallets. You’ll want to look for ones that are still in good condition. Alternatively, you can also use scrap wood or metal pipes as base materials for any piece of outdoor furniture that strikes your fancy.

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Add Plenty of Lighting

Lighten up the space with string lights or hanging pendant lights. There are many ways to add light to a space, but the easiest and most versatile is string lights. String lights can be used indoors or outdoors, rain or shine. They’re also an easy way to make a big impact with very little effort. You can use larger bulbs to maximize the amount of light in your backyard space, and use a combination of solar lanterns up high and down low.

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